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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Get the Office Furniture You Need On a Budget

Preparing a business for the opening day requires finding the furnishings you need to provide the work areas necessary to operate smoothly. You can find chairs, tables, desks, and cubicles at great prices by shopping for lightly used merchandise.

Conference Room Furnishings

The conference room area of any company should offer a vision of strength and comfort for all who visit and spend time. Many important decisions are made through board meetings, employee training or business-to-business sales deals. Obtaining used conference room furniture allows you to get higher quality for the same, or lesser price of new bargain items on the market. You can have all natural wood tables and chairs that are designed for hours of comfort.

Desks and Chairs

The need to outfit several offices with desks and chairs can be costly, especially if you want to buy products that are attractive and will last. Balancing the cost of new and used is a natural part of the process. Even companies that have a large enough budget to buy office furniture brand new, prefer to get a better deal with lightly used desks and chairs. Many businesses have determined that the ability to decorate and furnish multiple offices with luxurious corporate designs helps provide a positive first impression to all who enter the doors.

Used Cubicles

Call centers, customer service departments and other businesses with large numbers of desk-bound employees and limited work space demands a solution in creating the area needed to get the job done. Office cubicles offer a separated work area for multiple employees, saving floor space and providing the ability to accommodate a large number of employees in a small space. Most people think of cubicles as the tiny square desk areas separated by a thin wall. Newer designs are roomier and offer more contemporary curved designs. You can find used cubicles for sale that will save your budget and get the work areas needed right away.

Break or Waiting Area Tables and Seating

Areas set aside for employee breaks and customer waiting should offer comfortable, easily cleaned and have lasting power. Purchasing these items used allows for the flexibility in finding workable solutions in many price ranges. You can outfit the area for a fraction of the cost of new furnishings.

Contact office furnishing experts like Office Furniture Direct PDX and choose from a wide selection of new and used items today!

Saturday, May 20, 2017 is a Scammer

I just want to share my bad experience with This site is a scammer. They provided jobs but they don't pay you accordingly. Since I worked with them, they only paid me once and that was last March 2017 with the amount of $42.00.  I tried to reach them a few times, to collect what they owe me but no one replied. They just ignored all the tickets that I submitted. They owed me a total of $264.02 including this month of May 2017 and I just found out in their site that they sent me invoices making it appear that they paid me that said amount thru Paypal where in fact they never did. I sent them e-mails a few times and now they put my account on hold. Darn! It pissed me off so I decided to delete all their advertisers' links in my blog. I also contacted the advertisers about the modus of linkworth so they will know that I wasn't paid for my work. I also posted this in my Facebook and Twitter accounts to warn publishers and bloggers.

I've been blogging since 2007 and had worked with different websites since then but it's only now that I stumbled with a scammer and cheater. I just found out too that their office is in Lewisville, TX, just less than an hour drive from where we used to live in Texas. If only I'm still there, I will go to their office and collect what they owe me personally. I value my work and I don't wanna be cheated.
Oh well, what goes around comes around.

So publishers and bloggers, please beware of THIS SITE IS A CHEATER! Below is a screen shot of what they owe me.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Keep Your Home Cool

Add a Tropical Ambience to Your Home

If you want to add a tropical ambience to your home, then consider installing natural palm leaf ceiling fans. When you live in a hot climate, your home’s air conditioner isn’t enough to keep each room cool. To have a cooler dining room or kitchen, you can install a ceiling fan that helps to circulate the air. Having adequate circulation in a room is one of the best ways to maintain a home’s humidity level and air quality. Certain rooms in your home are more likely to get hot because you are using appliances such as a stove.

Select a Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan

Instead of relying on box fans to cool a living room in the evening, select beautiful ceiling fans that only require you to flip a wall switch. On tropical islands, the residents have used large palm leaves to fan themselves, and today, you can have a ceiling fan that is designed with palm leaf blades rather than metal blades. Imagine looking up at the ceilings in your home where you can see a gorgeous fan that has attractive palm leaves rotating to cool a room.

Avoid Using Man-made Materials

You might wonder why having a ceiling fan with palm leaf blades is a good idea, and there are good reasons for choosing this type of material for your home. If you are trying to have a home that has natural materials rather than man-made materials, then a palm leaf ceiling fan is suitable. While the middle of this type of fan will have metal components, the majority of the device is made from a natural material collected from a plant. With a ceiling fan that has palm leaf blades, you can still enjoy having a cool room but avoid having too many chemicals inside your home.

Ceiling Fans Are Easy to Install

Installing a ceiling fan that has palm leaf blades is similar to installing any type of ceiling fan. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you can install the fan on a ceiling by using the correct hangers. However, if you don’t know how to work with electrical wires, then you can hire an electrician to perform the job. After the ceiling fan is installed, you will enjoy having cooler rooms, and you will also notice a reduction in your home’s utility bills.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why it Pays to Drug Test Your Employees

There is a huge debate raging about whether you should drug test your employees or new hires. There are strong opinions on both sides of the issue, but there is strong evidence that testing your employees and potential new hires for drugs is an effective way to protect your company and your assets.

Drug Testing Saves Money

The main reason that some employers choose not to drug test is due to the cost of the testing. Employees who are addicted to drugs or other substances can cost the company in terms of lost productivity, absenteeism and theft. They can also bring down the morale of the company and hamper the other staff's work efforts. An employee who is in a drug-induced stupor in the company bathroom will force the other employees to work that much harder to pick up the slack. By testing all of your employees and new hires for the presence of illegal drugs and alcohol, you can save your company money in the long run. You can find inexpensive testing strips from sites like rapidtest and conduct your own testing on-site.

Your Company Will be a Haven for Drug Users

People that are addicted to drugs want to work and earn money like everyone else. The problem is that their drug use prevents them from working at companies that conduct random drug testing. If your company doesn't drug test its employees, word will get around quickly. Your company will become the "go-to" place for drug addicted people who are looking for work. It will be hard to retain good employees if your worksite is filled with people who are addicted to drugs.

Conducting drug testing will mean that people who are addicted to drugs will not even bother to apply to work for your company. It is a simple, money saving measure that costs little to start.

Drug Testing Provides Legal Protection

If an employee is involved in a on the job accident, drug testing them after the accident helps to protect your company from lawsuits. Employees who are high on drugs or alcohol frequently get into fights, misuse dangerous equipment and commit theft. If you can prove that the employee was under the influence of a substance at the time, you can use this as a defense if they decide to sue your company.

Drug testing your staff is a simple and easy way to protect your company's investment.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shopping at Antique Alley and Yard Sale in Texas

We were supposed to go to Sundance Square in Fort Worth but when we passed by the antique alley yard sale, I changed my mind. I decided I would rather go here seeing all the big yard sales. There were many stalls and a lot of shoppers around. I love going to yard sales because I find a lot of stuffs with a bargain price.

Since 1999, community's Antique Alley and Yard Sale has grown to include communities for 25 miles. It isn't just one show or event. A wide range of show promoters, local individuals and organizations lease booth spaces throughout several communities to dealers selling antiques, crafts and other stuffs. Customers from different places flocked here to shop till they drop, lol! The shows, markets, yard sales, shop promotions and fundraisers started in Cleburne in 1999 and take place via FM 4 S from Cleburne, TX to Grandview and Maypearl has started participating via FM 916. Other small towns around Cleburne also participate. You will find antiques, collectibles, arts, crafts, food, children's activities and more.

Shelly and I walked around the stalls and I bought a couple of silver necklaces for $1. You can't beat that price. I also bought me a couple of dresses for $5, a branded shirt for $2 and a horseshoe and star wall decor for a dollar each. Cheap isn't it. The downside, it was a very long traffic though with all the cars on the road. Shelly and I were stocked in the traffic for half an hour when we were on our way to Whipp Farm, Oh well, we made it though it was hot, I had a good time shopping.

See the parking area below that was full of parked cars. It's good we found a vacant space to park. It was free parking. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At The Museum

One of the happiest moments in my life happened in the month of September. It was during this month that I said "I do" to the man that God gave me. The date was 9/11/02, just a year after the tragic event that devastated NY. It's been 14 years now that I've been married to my hubby.

We try to celebrate our anniversary every year. Last year, we spent the night in a beach resort and dined in their restaurant in my homeland. This time, we are in Texas so it's just a very simple celebration. I didn't even celebrate my birthday here. We have to be frugal because our dollar is not multiplied here unlike in the Philippines. Besides we are saving up so we can buy our tickets and go back home.

We went to church to worship the Lord with Sherry and then after worship service we went to eat out. I wanted to go to Golden Corral, my fave buffet restaurant but hubby said it might be full and busy being Sunday. So we just went to Dairy Queen and ordered hamburger meals. We did not really get full but it's good so we will not gain more weight. Then Sherry drove us to Fort Worth and went to a museum. I am not really very fond of going to a museum, I would rather go to a park, garden, lake or beach. In fact, I wanted to see the Sundance Square and The Stockyards but hubby don't wanna walk so we ended up going to the Amon Carter Museum. We will just go back to see those two places I mentioned before we leave. I hope.

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art showcase beautiful collection of paintings from many different artists. The frames are exquisite and a piece of art themselves. Great presentation of the pieces. Quiet and meditative, Best of all, admission is free and so is parking. The only downside is, they don't allow flash in your camera if you want to take pictures of the paintings. I was able to take couple of pics with flash before we were told. Before we left, hubby asked one of the employees why they don't allow flash in the camera and she said that bright flashes of light can damage paintings over the long term. Well, I did not know that. At least they allowed photographs taken but no flash. I just edited my pics so it's not too dark.  At least they came out fine.

Lunch at Dairy Queen
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