Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dinner Date On Our Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I have been married for one dozen years. Surely, time flies so fast when you're having fun. Seems like it was only yesterday when we exchanged our I do's in our church on September 11th, 2002. Now after 12 years, we're still together, loving each other and most of all serving the Lord. There were bumps along the way and we had our ups and downs but God had seen us through. Last year, hubby was admitted in the hospital on the day of our anniversary due to dengue fever. That was the worst anniversary that we had so far. I thank God hubby got well sooner than expected due to lots of prayers. I wanted to go on vacation with him this time since we haven't done that for the past few years but we've been busy giving snacks and supervising the workers who are plastering the walls in our church for the past two weeks.Our service for the Lord comes first before our own pleasure.

So hubby and I just opted to celebrate our wedding anniversary as simple as can be. He took me out to a dinner date in a restaurant. He asked my not-so-li'l brother to drive for us. He try to avoid driving in the city as much as possible due to his blurry vision. I got to pick what restaurant we gonna dine in and I chose Dampa Restaurant. It was our first time to go to this restaurant since it was totally renovated and renamed. It  used to be called Luisito's Seafood Restaurant and just across the road is Matutina's Seafood Restaurant which was always jam packed. When we walked inside Dampa, it was crowded. It was past 12 PM  but.  people were  busy eating to there hearts' content. I noticed they had a buffet section but we opted to order the foods that we want which I regretted later because it took a while to wait whereas if we chose the buffet, we could have gone there and dig in right away. Oh well, we'll do it next time. By the way, buffet costs Php295 per pax and eat all you can. I'm pretty sure, hubby and li'l brother would have pig out, lol!

Hubby ordered  one of their best sellers which was calamares and also his iced tea drink. Fried squid is really his favorite and we found out later that it was really good. It come close to the fried squid in Hap Chan only the latter is still better.

I ordered the sweet and sour Lapu-lapu fish, and dinengdeng while not-so-li'l brother ordered the kilawen fish, one of their best sellers too. I thought the kilawen was made of fresh fish but the waitress said it was steamed before they seasoned it. Yangchow fried rice was preferred rather than plain rice.

All of these foods were good for 2 to 3 pax. I was the only one who ordered dessert and I chose buko pandan salad. All of us three managed to finish off all the foods but the dessert because I was already full. I forgot to take photos of the dinengdeng and the buko pandan salad because we were in hurry to eat but I tell you they were yummy. The verdict, very sumptuous dinner and I gave Dampa 4 out of 5 stars. Hubby and I love their foods. Next time we'll go back, we'll have the buffet.

Before we headed home, we had some pics by the entrance door. I love the way the way they decorate it. Here it goes...


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super Detox

Last week, I went to a health and wellness clinic for a check up. I heard about this clinic sometime last year from someone who had already tried it but didn't have the time to go. I also heard in the radio a lot of testimonials from people who already had their detox program and they got well from their illnesses. I was impressed so I wanted to try. They did an iris scan in my eyes and through the computer, they can see what are the weak areas in my body just by looking at my irises. They call this iridology if I'm not mistaken. After the guy looked at my eyes, he told me what are the weak areas in my body that need attention. Then he suggested that I need to have a detox using their total body cleanse products. It's a package, the super detoxifier plus the herbal supplements. 

On day 1 which was yesterday, I ate oatmeal for breakfast plus water melon. Same thing for lunch. At 1 PM, no more water or solid food. I had to stay in bed and rest. At 6 PM, I had to drink the content of bottle #1, then at 7:30 PM, the bottle #2. At 8PM I went to the bathroom frequently and pooped maybe four or five times.  At 10:30PM, I had to start shaking the bottle #3. By 11PM, I had to drink the content of bottle #3. All these detox drinks tasted aweful to me but I had to endure it. I almost puked  each time I drink it. Afterwards, I went to bed laying on my right side and putting pillow under my right hip. I was able to sleep thank God.

At 6 AM the following day, I drank the content of bottle #4. At 7:30 AM I started drinking bottle #5, which is the last bottle but I puked all that I drink. My body won't accept it no more. By 9:30 AM. I had to drink 4 glasses of lukewarm water. Then I went to the bathroom again and this time, my poop was dark green. All the toxins inside my colon and any stones in my kidney, liver and gallbladder were flushed out. I was so relieved. By 10:30 AM, I ate oatmeal plus water melon again. By 1 PM, I ate my first lunch after cleansing which was rice and fish sinigang. I was so delighted. I survived the detox program, thank God. Then, I started taking herbal supplements and I was advised not to eat meat for two weeks. I think I can do that. Wish me luck.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love Across The Globe

I love reading love stories specially if it has a happy ending. The story I'm going to relate is not mine but I played a special role to have it happened. This is the first time I'm going to write about this here in my blog. I don't want to brag about what I have done because I was only an instrument of God to help other people find their life partner.

It was September 2002 when I got an e-mail from a guy in Italy wanting to correspond with me. I told the guy I just got married and my hubby just went back to the US. I suggested to him that if he wants, I can introduce him to my single friends. He agreed so I gave him the name and address of my former high school classmate who is a teacher in the school where I was working without her knowing it. When she got the mail she said she was not interested and she said she will pass it to another lady. I told her I should be the one to pass it to my other friends so I got the letter. Then an acquaintance of mine who was a clerk in the schools division office asked me to look for a prospective husband when I get to the US. I told her I know someone who is looking for a Filipina wife so she agreed that I give her name and address to the guy. Of course I told him that the 1st one was not interested. So he wrote this 2nd lady and when she got the letter and picture from the Italian guy, she said he's not her type. Oh my! I didn't tell the guy about this because I'm afraid it might hurt his feelings.

Then a couple of months passed by and I was talking to Richelle, my next door neighbor. She was a teacher in the school where I was working. She told me that she and her boyfriend broke off. I didn't know about that. Had I known it before hand, I should have not looked further for somebody to introduce to the guy. Though she was still nursing a broken heart, I asked her if she wants to correspond with this guy from Italy named Alberto and she said yes. So I gave her the letter with the guy's name and address and suggested to her to send him a snail mail with her photo and cellphone number and she did. After almost a month, I asked her if she already got a reply and the answer was no. I thought that the guy must have been disappointed for being turned down twice. After a few more days, Richelle finally received a letter from him. To make the story short, he came to the Philippines to meet her in 2003 but I was already in the US so I haven't seen him. On his second visit to the Philippines in 2006, they had a grand wedding. I was happy for them though I was not able to attend. A couple of months passed by and Richelle joined her husband in Italy.

This month, they both came back here in the Philippines and it was my first time to meet him in the flesh. He seem to be a nice guy and he and Richelle look good together. It's the two ladies loss but Richelle's gain, lol! This cupid is so glad to play a part of the couple's love story. To God be the glory!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pamper My Hair

We went to SM hypermarket a couple of weeks ago to buy groceries. Then we went to Watson's to buy some products for my hair. I want to do hot oil treatment and hair spa on my hair to save some money. I'm lazy going to the beauty parlor so I'd rather do it at home. I also bought a nail polish, an anti-hair fall shampoo and a plastic cap to be used when I do hot oil or hair spa treatment. DIY is the name of the game.

Lastly, I bought 2 liquid hand soaps which were on sale. Most of these products are on sale, buy one take one free. Hubby bought some shaving cream too and we got a freebie which was a black travel pouch because our bill as over 1k. I already used the hair spa and the hot oil cream and it made my hair smooth and shiny.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Shop and Pose

I wrote in my previous post that I shopped for some clothes and a flat sandals online from Zalora. I promised that I will post here some photos wearing those stuffs. It took me 2 weeks after I got my package before I finally posted this here because I was not in the mood to change and pose in front of the camera. Laziness sets in again. But yesterday morning I decided to wear the dress and the flat sandals in going to church. I was worried it might not fit me because I gained weight. I ordered small size instead of medium but to my surprise it fit me well. The sandals fit my feet comfortably. I have no regrets buying it. When we got home from church, I asked hubby to take some pics of me before I change my clothes. I had to literally forced him to do it because he was watching tv and he was too lazy to take some pics of me. He said he'll take one but I said five because I will post it here in my blog. He did it unwillingly. Lazy bone, lol! Below are the pics he took.

This dress looks like a blouse and skirt but it's not. The black skirt is actually sewn and attached to the blouse so it's really a dress. I was wearing my black flat sandals as well which I bought from Zalora.

I changed my outfit and I put on the other blouse that I bought from Zalora and I paired it with black leggings. This time I called my 5 year old niece Vernice to be my photographer. I was really desperate to have my pics taken, lol! I had to teach her how to use my DSLR. She learned fast and took my photos with a smile. I think she is better than hubby, isn't she? So there you go. I'm done with my pictorials. I hope you didn't get tired looking at my ugly countenance. As I wrote earlier, I have no regrets buying from Zalora and I think I will buy from them again next time. 

This is supposed to be a mini dress but since I don't wear a dress above the knee, I had to pair it with  leggings I think this get up make me look so chubby. I had to shed off those unwanted pounds soon. This is the reason I bought some new clothes because my old clothes are shrinking, lol!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Floating in the Water

When you have a boat, you have responsibilities on keeping it clean and secured. A floating dock is a good option if you want to leave your boat in the water. It will give you easier access to getting the boat out on the lake instead of transporting the boat by truck to the landing.

A floating boat dock is also convenient if you live on the water. Floating docks rise and fall with the tides instead of being concreted into the ground. They are often made of wood or aluminum. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of material. You can include space near the dock to sit so that you can watch other people on the lake until you are ready to get your boat on the water. One of the things to remember about these docks is that since they float, you need to find the proper kinds of devices to place on the bottom of the dock to keep it stable. It is best to construct the dock on land as you will have more room, but you can put the dock in the water through the building process to determine how much it will float in the water and the amount of the floating devices you still need to add.