Friday, March 27, 2015

The Importance of a Good Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a terrible thing that far too many people in this country are forced to go through. When people fall in love and get married, they imagine that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, in most instances, this is not the case. The sad fact is that roughly 60 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. A large portion of these divorces occur within the first five years. Therefore, if you get married, there is a very realistic chance you will get divorced. Hopefully, this will never happen. If it does, you need to make sure you have the proper representation, especially if the divorce turns into a messy court battle. Cordell & Cordell's Facebook page provides a lot of great info, and these attorneys will be there to help you if divorce is unavoidable. Here are some things that illustrate the importance of a good divorce attorney.

1. Years of experience

Ideally, you will want to hire a divorce attorney who has been handling divorce cases for many years. This type of experience is extremely valuable if you are unable to agree on a settlement with your spouse. Your attorney will do his or her best to reason with your spouse's attorney and agree on a settlement that is beneficial to both parties. However, if this is not possible, an experienced attorney will know all of the right legal maneuvers to use in order to prevent your spouse from ruining you financially.

2. Child custody

The innocent victims in a divorce scenario are the children. If you get divorced and there are children involved, your attorney will fight for your right to have custody. This is especially important in the case of men, who often do not get awarded custody, even when they have proven to be a responsible and capable parent. You love your children and just because you are now getting a divorce, you should not be squeezed out of their lives. Your attorney will make sure this does not happen.

3. Protection of your assets

You have worked your entire life to accumulate your assets. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney will help to ensure that your assets are protected and that alimony and child support payments are kept to a reasonable amount. You have worked too hard for what you have just to see it all given to your spouse during a divorce.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Visiting Pantabangan Dam

Last Wednesday, we were invited by my sis-in-law Marlyn to her hometown in Rizal, Nueva Ecija. She told me that it's just 20 minutes away to Pantabangan Dam. Upon hearing that, I suggested that we will have to go there since I haven't seen that place. So we left our house at 7am and we reached Rizal around 9:30am. Marlyn's brother and nephew were waiting on us in Rizal and they were our guide in going to Pantabangan Dam. On the road, we were amazed of the zigzag road and some mountains. It reminded us of Baguio City.

When we reached the place, our tour guide talked to the 2 guards and then they let us in. The Pantabangan Dam, the cleanest in the country and acclaimed as the second largest dam in Asia generates 112 megawatts of hydroelectric power and supplies the irrigation requirements of about 77,000 hectares of agricultural lands in Central Luzon.

It was past 10AM and it was already hot. We just went to take some photos. Had we been there earlier, we could have went to the fishing lake where they catch and sell fish. My hubby didn't even want to walk under the blaring heat of the sun. I had to call him a few times to come and and have picture taking with us.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Perfect Vacations That Cost Very Little

In case you hadn’t noticed I thought I’d remind you about something - Summer is finally, at long last, just around the corner! Well ... almost. :) Personally, although I love Christmas I DO NOT like the cold… In fact I could teach Eskimos a thing or two about how to keep warm! But enough about that – back to SUMMER!!!

I always like to plan a vacation because it not only gives the whole family something to look forward to; it also gives them something to remember in years to come. And something which few people realize is that it is possible to plan an entire vacation that doesn’t cost much more than your normal day to day living.

First you need to plan the TYPE of holiday you want to have. Whether you’re going camping in the wilderness or sunning yourself next to a pool near the ocean you can search online for coupons and other discounts, like those you can find on Discountrue, to save on getting all the gear you may need for your trip. From beach towels and sunscreen to camping stoves and tents, with a little research you can get special deals on just about anything.

When planning your destination opt for self catering options over bed and breakfasts or hotels. Not only is the accommodation going to be cheaper but you’ll be taking along your own food and drink. Food and drink which you’ll buy with the coupons that you would be using even if you stayed at home! Another option for saving on your holiday food bill is to find hotels where kids eat and stay for free.

There are tons of online travel sites where one can compare prices, find cheaper options for all aspects of the trip from accommodation to airfare and also take advantage of some amazing package deals.

But remember – a little bit of spontaneity opens the door to the best travel deals and with sites like Discountrue catering for exactly that – there will always be a perfect deal that you can take advantage of!

And for the days that you’re not actually away? Look local! You’d be amazed at how much is going on right in your own backyard from participating in conservation efforts and free events to the relatively cheap thrill of local museums and art galleries.

If you’ll excuse me now – I’m going to unpack my summer wardrobe now and start planning what my family is going to be doing this summer!

Then I will sit down and relax, drink my favorite coffee while reading The New York Times.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day At Ciudad Elmina

It's the love month and I wanna greet everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Hubby and I celebrated V-day yesterday by going out to have lunch with my 2 brothers and their families. It's a group date you may say. Last year, it was only me and hubby and we had a lunch date at Hardin sa Paraiso. You can read it here.

I heard about this new restaurant called Ciudad Elmina so I researched it in the net. Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village is located in Bacayao Norte, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. The easiest way to enter it is through Arzadon Compound Road in between the Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Hospital and BHF-Puregold supermarket along Mayombo District Road. The place is 45 minutes drive from our house but since my youngest brother was the one driving our newly bought pre-loved van and he's still familiarizing himself how to drive an automatic vehicle, it took him an hour to get there. When we were entering the vicinity, my 2 nieces kept on chanting "I am excited", lol!

When we arrived at the restaurant, only few customers were there because it just opened at 11AM. We passed by the main resto and the service staff led us to a nipa hut along the fish pond which is good for 15 people. The place sits right in the middle of the fish farm where the fish they serve come from like tilapia, milk fish, shrimps, etc. It has several nipa huts of various seating capacities. There's that feeling that you are in a resort. The main dining room can accommodate large parties. One can catch fish (using a fishing rod) and have the fish cooked by the chef. While waiting on our foods, we roamed around and took several photos with my youngest brother, my 2 sis-in-law and my 2 nieces while hubby stayed in the hut to keep an eye of our things. My other brother arrived later because he went to the dentist. Later, a lot of customers kept arriving. I love the scenic view of the floating restaurant and at the other side of the pond are array of palm trees. We took some photos there too.

When we went back to our hut, the foods were served. The bangus kare-kare was surprisingly yummy, the beef with ampalaya was delicious so I ordered one more, the fried chicken legs were crispy and tasty and so I ordered one more, the adobong pusit was tasty. We got 2 big platters of steam rice and 1 small platter of garlic rice for hubby and me and a pitcher of iced tea.

We very much enjoyed the food and the place and the ambiance it offers. There was a nice breeze that made our experience even better. We felt like we were in a secluded place, far from city life where in fact it's just a few minutes drive to the downtown area of Dagupan City. My other brother arrived and he ate the foods that we reserved for him but the kare-kare and squid were gone.

We tried their cookies and creme shake because that's the only one available and to my surprise, it really tastes good. It's not that sweet, just the right taste. We all love it! When the bill came, the total mount was Php2,015.00 or equivalent to US $50. Not bad for 6 adults and 2 kids. It was hubby's treat for all of us.

My 2 nieces got so thrilled watching some customers catching tilapia to be cooked by the chef.

Hubby said he loved the place and he intend to go back and spend the night in one of their rooms. Before we left the resto, we had some more photos taken. We had fun and we will definitely go back.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tips To Be A Happy Mommy

Well, we all know that you are a mommy, but one who is tired, frustrated and has no time for self.

So, read these tips below and train yourself to be a happy mommy

Make a plan. Meh!

You know it, but are too lazy to make a plan. This year, you should make a plan and stick to that plan. However, as this is a short-term plan (a daily plan rather).

If you can stick to a plan, you can be sure that you will have enough time for self.

Early to rise, early to bed. Oh no!

Yes, you have to be an early riser, but you cannot guarantee that you will sleep early tonight. With your little ones waking up every second hour, you need to be on your toes and be available to help them with their needs.

So, try to sleep whenever your baby sleeps, even if it is in the lovely afternoons!

Have some achievable goals in mind for your baby

If your baby is new to walking, you can set a goal like, ‘I will make him/her walk at least ten steps.’

The goal depends on the progress of your baby. If your baby is naughty and does not want to walk, even if he can; make him walk. You set the goals. So, you can determine the level of difficulty.

But why such goals?

As a mommy, it is a happy feeling to see one’s baby do something new. So, let them achieve the goals and add to your happiness. Note: These goals should be achievable.

Need inspiration? Look for related books online. For the same, you can get discount coupons from Chameleon John. Use these coupons and get an exciting discount on your purchases.

Clean your house daily


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mt. Balungao Hot and Cold Springs Resort (Balungao Adventure)

It was a day after New Year when my siblings and I went to Mt. Balungao located at Balungao, Pangasinan. People flock there because of it's cold and hot springs and lately because of the adventure it offers like zip line, hiking, trail walking and ATV driving. Thus, its known now as Balungao Adventure. To be honest, I'm not interested in the zip line because I'm chicken when it comes to that. I'm scared of heights. What I want to try is their hot spring pool. It's just an hour drive from our place. Hubby didn't come with us and opted to stay home. He's becoming homebody lately. Maybe age is catching up on him, lol!

When we reached the place, we paid the entrance fee which was 50 pesos per pax and 25 for children. The place was so crowded and there were no more available sheds for rent. It's a good thing hubby did not come or he might went back home right away. So what we did, we just went inside and found a shady place to sit. We brought with us some foods for lunch and we ate first before going to the pool. I cooked chicken adobo and ginisang upo and my youngest brother cooked ginisang sayote. We enjoyed the foods though we were just sitting down on a cemented pavement. We look like squatters, lol!. The resort is surrounded with lots of trees and the green scenery is so refreshing to the eyes. There were quite a few people doing the zip line and seems like they were enjoying it.

Little brother and his daughter went to the pool first and my sis-in-law and I just watched the crowd. When I got tired watching, I went to dip in the hot spring pool full of people. At first it really felt hot but after a few minutes it felt so good. My other brother joined us later. There was this Japanese guy who really enjoyed staying in the hot pool and remained there longer than most of the people. I only stayed there for about 20 minutes and when it got so crowded, my 2 brothers and I decided to leave the pool. There were 2 hot pools but both were full of people. I could have enjoyed it better and stayed longer if it's not so crowded. I wanna go there again next time during weekdays just for the hot pool and I would take hubby with me.