Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At The Museum

One of the happiest moments in my life happened in the month of September. It was during this month that I said "I do" to the man that God gave me. The date was 9/11/02, just a year after the tragic event that devastated NY. It's been 14 years now that I've been married to my hubby.

We try to celebrate our anniversary every year. Last year, we spent the night in a beach resort and dined in their restaurant in my homeland. This time, we are in Texas so it's just a very simple celebration. I didn't even celebrate my birthday here. We have to be frugal because our dollar is not multiplied here unlike in the Philippines. Besides we are saving up so we can buy our tickets and go back home.

We went to church to worship the Lord with Sherry and then after worship service we went to eat out. I wanted to go to Golden Corral, my fave buffet restaurant but hubby said it might be full and busy being Sunday. So we just went to Dairy Queen and ordered hamburger meals. We did not really get full but it's good so we will not gain more weight. Then Sherry drove us to Fort Worth and went to a museum. I am not really very fond of going to a museum, I would rather go to a park, garden, lake or beach. In fact, I wanted to see the Sundance Square and The Stockyards but hubby don't wanna walk so we ended up going to the Amon Carter Museum. We will just go back to see those two places I mentioned before we leave. I hope.

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art showcase beautiful collection of paintings from many different artists. The frames are exquisite and a piece of art themselves. Great presentation of the pieces. Quiet and meditative, Best of all, admission is free and so is parking. The only downside is, they don't allow flash in your camera if you want to take pictures of the paintings. I was able to take couple of pics with flash before we were told. Before we left, hubby asked one of the employees why they don't allow flash in the camera and she said that bright flashes of light can damage paintings over the long term. Well, I did not know that. At least they allowed photographs taken but no flash. I just edited my pics so it's not too dark.  At least they came out fine.

Lunch at Dairy Queen


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why You Should Hire A Renovation Contractor

When a homeowner gets the urge to make changes to their home, many times the first thought is how to get results and save money at the same time. To make sure that you retain the investment you have made in your home, there should be no cutting corners when it comes to remodeling costs. The first step to any successful renovation project is to start interviewing home improvement contractors to find the one that can do the job the way you want it done.

A Contractor Will Save You Money

The biggest problem with doing renovations yourself is that they often look easier than they really are. You may start your project just fine, but you could find yourself waist-high in problems after a while. Instead of buying the materials to do your project incorrectly and then hiring a contractor to clean up the mess, you can save that money and just hire a contractor from the very beginning.

Making Sure You Have The Right Permits

Are you planning a remodeling project that requires a building permit? Is the project you are planning legal under the local zoning laws? A professional contractor can help you to get the permits you need, and make sure that your project follows the zoning regulations. If you remodel your house without following the official protocol, then you will be facing possible fines and other issues when you try to sell your home.

Getting The Job Done Right

If you have never remodeled a bathroom before, then how do you know you will get it right? You are risking a lot when you try to get experience on home improvement projects by doing the projects by yourself. Instead of inviting problems, you should hire a professional to get the job done right.

Meeting Your Deadline

Since you have never done a remodeling project before, you would have no idea how long your project will take. A professional contractor can give you an accurate time estimate, and can take the steps necessary to meet your deadline.

Remodeling your home to add more living space or refresh the interior decor can be a great idea. But if you try to do the project yourself, then you are asking for trouble. You can save money and time by hiring a professional contractor, and making sure the job gets done right the first time.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point

This is a late post because hubby and I went to Thunderbird Resort last December. I'm lagging behind in posting because Ive' been too busy the past few months. Now that I'm on vacation I will try now to update this blog regularly. I still have some late posts coming.

This is our second time to go to this resort but we didn't check in nor dine in. We just went there to take some pics after hubby and I went to the Bureau of Immigration to renew his I-card. It's just a few minutes drive from the BI so off we went. I even wanted to see their hotel rooms but unfortunately all were occupied so I just asked the receptionist if I can have their flyer. Their room rates are really, really  pricey. I don't think I would enjoy staying there thinking of the bill that we're going to pay. I would just settle in going around and take some pics. But maybe one of these days, we'll go back there and spend the night

Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point, La Union is located in a very spacious land and the buildings of the hotels  are Mediterranean style patterned after the buildings in Santorini Island Greece. This is the place where celebrity John Estrada and his bride got married a few years ago and also where most of the scenes of the movie "No Other Woman" starring Derek Ramsay, Christine Reyes and Ann Curtis was filmed. The view here is spectacular, so peaceful and relaxing.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back In Texas

It's been more than a month since I updated this blog. Been too busy this past month doing this and that and also preparing for our trip in coming here in the US. So we are finally here in Texas after 3 years and 7 months since the last time we were here. We flew here last April 6th. It's really nice to be back and see family, friends and loved ones. I know my hubby miss his family very much, his kids and grand kids, siblings, in-laws. friends, the place and of course the foods. I know how he feels because I felt the same way when we went back to the Philippines after staying in the US for more than 5 years. We'll be here in the US for a while and I'll be updating again this blog soon. 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Panagbenga 2016 (Part II: Street Dancing Parade)

Hubby and I went to watch the Panagbenga street dancing parade on February 27th. We walked all the way from Camp Allen where we stayed to Abanao St. Hubby was adamant to walk because he said he gets tired easily but then we can't see any taxi around. What with all the people there and the traffic was worst during that day. We managed to reach the Maharlika building so we stayed there because it's shady and waited for the street dancers. I gave thumbs up to hubby for patiently waiting and standing in the crowd. That's a virtue he don't usually possess. He dislike waiting and crowded places. Those were rare moments just to give in to my wishes.

When the street dancing started, people were coming out of the woodwork. We were on the second floor but a bit far from the street. We don't have a good view of the parade. I wasn't able to capture good pics because I zoomed my Ipad's camera to the max and the pics came out blurry and tiny.

Unlike the last time we watched the street dancing that we stayed in a better place and I got a good view of the parade. I was able to take good photos. You can view it HERE. So after a while, we decide to leave and went to eat at Greenwhich. On the way, we took pics in the street to show how thick the crowd was. Even the overpass as jam packed.

I was hungry when we reached Greenwich. I think hubby was hungrier. I ate heartily despite my frustration of not being able to watch the parade. After eating we walked our way back home because there were no taxi available. All were taken. Darn!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Panagbenga 2016 (Part I - Complete Landscape Entries and Winners)

Hubby and I went to Baguio to watch the Panagbenga (Flower Festival) this year. It's been a while we haven't watch this yearly celebration. When I was still single, my siblings and I always go and watch it. I lost count how many times I witnessed this most awaited event in the City of Pines. This is hubby's 3rd time to see it. The first time was 7 years ago.  He really enjoyed it but he dislike the crowd. During this time of year, Baguio is so crowded. We stayed there for 6 days at my brother-in-law's house. That's where we usually stay every time we go there.

So for the duration of our stay, Burnham Park was our favorite place to go to because that's where the action is. The Landscape Entries were displayed there not to mention the countless commercial stalls that sell different stuffs and Baguio products. I love plants and flowers so I took photos of all the landscape entries. Each entry has 3 categories namely, carpet of flowers, vertical gardening and open category. Here they are.

1st Entry

2nd Entry

3rd Entry

4th Entry

5th Entry

6th Entry

7th Entry

8th Entry

9th Entry

10th Entry

11th Entry

12th Entry

13th Entry

14th Entry

After a few days, winning entries were posted and here are they.

Entry #8 1st prize in vertical gardening, 2nd prize in carpet of flowers. 


Entry #7  1st prize in open category

Entry #6  3rd prize in carpet of flowers

Entry #9  1st prize in carpet of flowers and 3rd prize in open category