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Friday, March 29, 2019

Top Benefits of Owning a Horse

Horses are beautiful majestic creatures that make wonderful additions to a family. Equines are completely different than other standard pets in both the care they need and what they can do for the family. They are loving animals that provide numerous benefits to their owners. People of all ages can benefit from the responsibility and care of horse ownership. If you are considering buying or leasing a horse, here are some of the top benefits of horse ownership.
The social benefits for the lonely cannot be understated. The simple act of taking care of another living thing can bring great pleasure and motivate people. Owning a horse often provides people an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals interested in the same activity. Getting out and riding your horse can help you meet people. Attending trail rides and parades help you increase your social activity and involvement in the community. When becoming more social with your horse, you may need additional things. Visit VPD for horse products online to save money.
Michigan State University is currently researching the impact taking care of horses have on mood, especially in teenage girls. The quiet interaction of working with horses seems to improve teenage girls’ moods after fifteen minutes. While this study is limited to teenage girls, many other people may benefit from the daily care of working with a horse.
Riding horses is excellent exercise. The simple act of taking care of a horse can increase your daily physical activity from walking to the stalls to grooming to riding. Whatever your physical capabilities, there is a task suitable for your skills. Feeding horses and mucking stalls are necessary tasks to taking care of your horse while boosting your daily activity. Sitting for long periods of time working in an office or on a computer has lowered our physical activity making conscious movement a necessity in the digital age. Repetitive motions and lifting heavy objects such as a saddle build muscles and improve coordination. Take riding lessons from a certified instructor to learn the mechanics of riding and saddling the horse. Those with disabilities can learn to ride with a quality instructor.
Working and interacting with animals has been shown to reduce stress. Even a limited interaction lowers blood pressure in people. Managing stress has become an essential need for many in the modern era. Lowering blood pressure has wide-ranging health benefits as does reducing stress-causing hormones such as cortisol. When these are lowered, it is easier to be more positive about life. Grooming, mucking out stalls and riding have meditative qualities that work to reduce stress. The daily practice of meditation helps reduce stress hormones and blood pressures. More research is being conducted to investigate the correlation of working with equines and lowered stress levels.
Working with horses has been therapeutic for many people. From meditation-like actions to mood improvement, the mental benefits have many advantages for horse owners. Equine-based therapy has been used to treat individuals suffering from serious traumas, alcohol and drug dependency and grief. Individuals with autism, certain disabilities and cerebral palsy have benefited from working with and around horses. Working with horses allows patients to interact in social situations with limited stress helping them improve their self-respect, responsibility and self-confidence. Physical benefits of equine-therapy include improvement of muscle control, fine motor skills, balance and strength.
Horses offer people an amazing opportunity to connect on a mental, emotional and physical level with another living thing. The connection and trust built with the animal benefit the horse and us in innumerable ways. Owning a horse can be an expensive endeavor but the rewarding benefits often outweigh the costs.

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