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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Visiting Lake Whitney

Texas have quite a few man-made lakes but I only visited a couple of it. One is Possum Kingdom Lake and the second one is Lake Whitney. I was invited by my step-daughter Shelly and her hubby Robert to go drive around and see the lake. Oh, I love roaming around and see scenic views. How I wish hubby loves driving around and show me some scenic views in Texas but he is a homebody and prefers sitting in front of the tv. If only I can drive, I would have hit the road and explore the places I haven't seen. It's nice to go on vacation and see loved ones but staying in the house 24/7 will bore me to death. I need to see some other places too. I'm a blogger and I love writing about the places I've been not to mention I enjoy seeing God's wonderful creation.

First, we went to see Whitney Dam. According to my research, this is an earthen dam, 166 feet high, owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We just stayed there for a while and stare at the view, so serene and some birds were flying around. We posed there and took some photos.

Then we went to see the lake. It so clean and well kept. Lake Whitney is a year-round destination for Texas residents due to the abundance of water sports and activities all ages can enjoy. It is also a camping ground and my step daughter said, they go here camping very often. I never experienced that too. We got no RV that's why and as I said, hubby is a homebody. Anyway, here are some pics we took there.


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