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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bonsai Exhibit and Competition

I'm not into bonsai collection but my brother is. In fact, he got some bonsai collections that he planted from seeds and he's the one who trimmed and trained it all for almost 20 years now. Most of his bonsai plants are tamarind trees. They look so cool. He decided to join this Bonsai Exhibit and Competition last December and luckily his 2 bonsai trees got two gold awards in the local division. He was so ecstatic. His hard work paid off though he got no cash award, just plaque but the sense of fulfillment and pride that he felt is enough for him to compensate all his time and effort.

Bonsai trees are so pricey. It took the collectors or growers many years to wait, prune, trim and train/wire to make the plants into bonsai. Most of the bonsai masters and collectors are males. I had a good time looking at those bonsai trees that were on display during the exhibit and competition. Here are some of the pics we took. These bonsai plants are in the national division competition, They are so eye-catching and captivating. You might get tired looking at my face. Sorry about that. With me are my 2 nieces and my sis-in-law.

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