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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4 Ways to Reduce Strain On Your Air Conditioner

The hot summer months are tough on most air conditioners. The better you care for your system and provide for periods of rest, the better the cooling results. Below are four ways you can begin to reduce the strain on your air conditioner right away.

Get Your Insulation Levels Tested
The quality and amount of insulation in the ceiling and walls of your home can directly impact how warm or cool your home stays on a daily basis. A lack of proper insulation will allow the cool air from AC system to escape and make your HVAC system operate hard to keep up with the problem.

Smart Window Coverings
Daylight hours that allow full sun to stream through your windows can cause your home to heat up a great deal. Window tinting is one method of reducing this issue. You can also place heavy drapes over these windows and close them when the sun is pouring through the glass. It will make a nearly instantaneous difference.

Turn the Unit Off Occasionally
The goal of placing less strain on your air conditioner during the hotter summer months is to allow the system a chance to turn off and rest periodically. Turn the AC off when periods of rain showers hit and the air becomes cooler. Turn the AC if you are going to be gone and there are no pets depending on staying cool.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Well-Maintained
Call on experts for maintenance and ac repair Williamsburg VA to keep your system working well. Routine cleaning, filter changes, and repairs will allow your unit to run as efficiently as possible.
Avoid unexpected air conditioner breakdowns by doing a few things to allow periods of rest and less strain in operation. It allows you to get maximum lifetime use out of your HVAC system.

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