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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Before Staying At A Beach Rental

Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room when you take a vacation to the coast, consider one of the many house rentals on Bald Head Island. Before staying at just any beach rental and before you arrive at the home, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you have the best vacation possible. When you find a rental home that you like, you should talk to the owner of the home a few months before the time you want to travel to see if there is any kind of deposit that you need to pay and to find out about the requirements of renting the home.

Figure out your budget before renting a vacation home. You need to think about any supplies that you will need for the home, such as linens that you want to get as well as food and drinks as well as cleaning supplies that you need. You also need to think about budgeting your time. There won't be a housekeeper who cleans your home like there would be at a hotel. Instead, you are responsible for keeping the home clean and ensuring that nothing is broken. If you have pets, then you need to find somewhere for them to stay while you are away from home.

Do your research about what is located near the home. Look at how far you have to travel to restaurants, shopping centers, and attractions compared to how far you would have to travel from a hotel. After talking to the owner of the home or the real estate agent, think about whether you can trust that person or not and if that person will be easy to work with instead of setting harsh limits about the home and what can be done inside while you're on vacation.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bonsai Exhibit and Competition

I'm not into bonsai collection but my brother is. In fact, he got some bonsai collections that he planted from seeds and he's the one who trimmed and trained it all for almost 20 years now. Most of his bonsai plants are tamarind trees. They look so cool. He decided to join this Bonsai Exhibit and Competition last December and luckily his 2 bonsai trees got two gold awards in the local division. He was so ecstatic. His hard work paid off though he got no cash award, just plaque but the sense of fulfillment and pride that he felt is enough for him to compensate all his time and effort.

Bonsai trees are so pricey. It took the collectors or growers many years to wait, prune, trim and train/wire to make the plants into bonsai. Most of the bonsai masters and collectors are males. I had a good time looking at those bonsai trees that were on display during the exhibit and competition. Here are some of the pics we took. These bonsai plants are in the national division competition, They are so eye-catching and captivating. You might get tired looking at my face. Sorry about that. With me are my 2 nieces and my sis-in-law.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4 Ways to Reduce Strain On Your Air Conditioner

The hot summer months are tough on most air conditioners. The better you care for your system and provide for periods of rest, the better the cooling results. Below are four ways you can begin to reduce the strain on your air conditioner right away.

Get Your Insulation Levels Tested
The quality and amount of insulation in the ceiling and walls of your home can directly impact how warm or cool your home stays on a daily basis. A lack of proper insulation will allow the cool air from AC system to escape and make your HVAC system operate hard to keep up with the problem.

Smart Window Coverings
Daylight hours that allow full sun to stream through your windows can cause your home to heat up a great deal. Window tinting is one method of reducing this issue. You can also place heavy drapes over these windows and close them when the sun is pouring through the glass. It will make a nearly instantaneous difference.

Turn the Unit Off Occasionally
The goal of placing less strain on your air conditioner during the hotter summer months is to allow the system a chance to turn off and rest periodically. Turn the AC off when periods of rain showers hit and the air becomes cooler. Turn the AC if you are going to be gone and there are no pets depending on staying cool.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Well-Maintained
Call on experts for maintenance and ac repair Williamsburg VA to keep your system working well. Routine cleaning, filter changes, and repairs will allow your unit to run as efficiently as possible.
Avoid unexpected air conditioner breakdowns by doing a few things to allow periods of rest and less strain in operation. It allows you to get maximum lifetime use out of your HVAC system.

4 Tips To Preserve Beautiful Skin

Aging is a part of life. Everyone is going to get older. It can look pretty terrifying when many women try to freeze their looks and indulge in too much Botox. However, there are ways to naturally and gracefully age in a way that leaves you feeling young while honoring the age you've gained. Consider these four tips to preserve beautiful skin.

1. Watch the Vitamin D.
While it's nice to get out and enjoy a nice day, it's important to be cognizant of the damage the sun can do. Gone are the days where you can lazily lounge by the pool to tan. It's time to stop tanning because that is the quickest way to completely damage your skin. As the skin ages, it becomes more delicate. If you're going to be in the sun, always protect your skin with SPF lotion and wide-brimmed hats

2. Drink lots of water.
While laugh lines aren't bad, many women don't really like having them. A great way to minimize the appearance of laugh lines is through staying hydrated. Many make-up artists strongly encourage their clients to stay hydrated as it can reflect in the way the make-up gets applied. Sometimes, liquid foundations will settle in the laugh lines. If you're consistently hydrated, you have a better chance of minimizing the appearance of laugh lines.

3. Consider professional treatments.
Take note of the issues you're currently dealing with regards your skin. Some women experience skin that's more prone to peeling and dryness as they age. Other women deal with unstoppable wrinkles. There are treatments that you can use to combat that. There are lots of moisturizing facials for dryness. There's also red light therapy for wrinkles. No matter what your skin issues are, there's usually a remedy.

4. Get lots of rest.
As you age, your hormones will change and you'll tend to need a different amount of sleep. If you need more sleep to function, honor that. Don't try to overwork the body and do more than you can actually handle. Instead, get into bed before 11 pm and watch how much that changes your quality of life. Plus, when you're well-rested, you'll look well-rested.

Visiting Lake Whitney

Texas have quite a few man-made lakes but I only visited a couple of it. One is Possum Kingdom Lake and the second one is Lake Whitney. I was invited by my step-daughter Shelly and her hubby Robert to go drive around and see the lake. Oh, I love roaming around and see scenic views. How I wish hubby loves driving around and show me some scenic views in Texas but he is a homebody and prefers sitting in front of the tv. If only I can drive, I would have hit the road and explore the places I haven't seen. It's nice to go on vacation and see loved ones but staying in the house 24/7 will bore me to death. I need to see some other places too. I'm a blogger and I love writing about the places I've been not to mention I enjoy seeing God's wonderful creation.

First, we went to see Whitney Dam. According to my research, this is an earthen dam, 166 feet high, owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We just stayed there for a while and stare at the view, so serene and some birds were flying around. We posed there and took some photos.

Then we went to see the lake. It so clean and well kept. Lake Whitney is a year-round destination for Texas residents due to the abundance of water sports and activities all ages can enjoy. It is also a camping ground and my step daughter said, they go here camping very often. I never experienced that too. We got no RV that's why and as I said, hubby is a homebody. Anyway, here are some pics we took there.

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