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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tips For Tackling A Kitchen Remodel

One of the top remodeling jobs that homeowners tackle is the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home and it sees the most wear and tear. While you may enjoy a remodel of your kitchen yourself, you will also see other benefits to getting it remodeled if you plan to resell it in the near future. Most potential buyers are in search of homes that have newer, modern kitchens with nice cabinets and appliances which are ready to use. When tackling a kitchen remodel, consider the following tips concerning the project, including where to get sub zero freezer repair Miami Beach from companies such as

How You Use The Space

When you start to plan your kitchen remodel, you need to determine how you will be using the space the most. This will help you determine what areas of the kitchen you can save money on and where you can splurge a little. If you enjoy cooking, you should spend a little more on appliances that you want. If you use your kitchen as a main gathering area for your family, you might want to make certain there is enough space for plenty of seating.

Add Storage, Not Space

Adding more room to your kitchen can be a costly expense. If you are concerned with creating more space than you already have, consider adding more storage instead. This can be done without needing to tear down walls. You can easily add more cabinets that take up the space near the ceiling or mounting shelving units onto unused wall spaces and inside cabinet areas.


One of the biggest and best changes you can make to a kitchen is getting the floors redone. There are hundreds of styles, colors and materials to choose from when picking out your new kitchen floors. Many people will choose their new flooring first before matching the rest of the kitchen decor to it.

Having your kitchen remodeled can be very exciting and stressful. You want to make sure that any money you spend on it gets put to good use. If you are not knowledgeable about the process, it could be in your best interest to hire a professional contractor. They can ensure you have all the necessary permits you need and can get the job done right without wasting time or money.

At The Mall

What to do if it's brown out all day long, no electricity, no tv and no AC nor fan? It's no brainer, go to the mall. That was a week ago. Hubby and I got ready and tagged along my 9 year old niece Vernice with us who had no classes that day. So off we went to the mall.

At the mall, we've seen guitars on sale and I know that Vernice really wanted to have one. We asked the price and it's reasonable but we decided to get it later. I saw the excitement in Vernice's face. Then we went to the National Bookstore and hubby bought a ream of bond paper and I bought a couple of scotch tapes. Vernice said it's time for lunch because she was hungry so we went to Hap Chan as usual. Hubby love their fried squid with salt and pepper and he also ordered buttered chicken and rice. My niece got porridge with meatballs and I got porridge with beef. It took a while to wait on the foods as there were other customers too. The servers are all males unlike before that they were all females, but gosh, they were so slow. I even had to ask them to serve the drinks because they already served the foods without the drinks. Hubby said he will not go back to that restaurant again though he likes their food. Very poor service and they don't deserve a tip.

Then we roamed around from store to store window shopping just to kill the time. Hubby is not fond window shopping but he had no choice. I saw a wide brimmed sun hat and I asked hubby to buy it for me. I was happy to find one that I like. Then we went to find seats outside the restaurant where we ate. Vernice kept asking what time is it because she was so excited to have the guitar. Her hands were so cold. So we went back to buy the guitar for her. It's a kid's guitar, smaller than the regular one. Hubby told her he will buy the guitar with one condition, she will play the guitar and sing in the church often once she learned how to play it. She agreed and we asked her to pick the color she wants and she chose the blue. We also bought a guitar case and a pick.Vernice planned to ask my nephew Mark Wendell to teach her how to play the guitar.

                                            Here's Vernice with her guitar.

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