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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shopping at Antique Alley and Yard Sale in Texas

We were supposed to go to Sundance Square in Fort Worth but when we passed by the antique alley yard sale, I changed my mind. I decided I would rather go here seeing all the big yard sales. There were many stalls and a lot of shoppers around. I love going to yard sales because I find a lot of stuffs with a bargain price.

Since 1999, community's Antique Alley and Yard Sale has grown to include communities for 25 miles. It isn't just one show or event. A wide range of show promoters, local individuals and organizations lease booth spaces throughout several communities to dealers selling antiques, crafts and other stuffs. Customers from different places flocked here to shop till they drop, lol! The shows, markets, yard sales, shop promotions and fundraisers started in Cleburne in 1999 and take place via FM 4 S from Cleburne, TX to Grandview and Maypearl has started participating via FM 916. Other small towns around Cleburne also participate. You will find antiques, collectibles, arts, crafts, food, children's activities and more.

Shelly and I walked around the stalls and I bought a couple of silver necklaces for $1. You can't beat that price. I also bought me a couple of dresses for $5, a branded shirt for $2 and a horseshoe and star wall decor for a dollar each. Cheap isn't it. The downside, it was a very long traffic though with all the cars on the road. Shelly and I were stocked in the traffic for half an hour when we were on our way to Whipp Farm, Oh well, we made it though it was hot, I had a good time shopping.

See the parking area below that was full of parked cars. It's good we found a vacant space to park. It was free parking. 

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