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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Panagbenga 2016 (Part II: Street Dancing Parade)

Hubby and I went to watch the Panagbenga street dancing parade on February 27th. We walked all the way from Camp Allen where we stayed to Abanao St. Hubby was adamant to walk because he said he gets tired easily but then we can't see any taxi around. What with all the people there and the traffic was worst during that day. We managed to reach the Maharlika building so we stayed there because it's shady and waited for the street dancers. I gave thumbs up to hubby for patiently waiting and standing in the crowd. That's a virtue he don't usually possess. He dislike waiting and crowded places. Those were rare moments just to give in to my wishes.

When the street dancing started, people were coming out of the woodwork. We were on the second floor but a bit far from the street. We don't have a good view of the parade. I wasn't able to capture good pics because I zoomed my Ipad's camera to the max and the pics came out blurry and tiny.

Unlike the last time we watched the street dancing that we stayed in a better place and I got a good view of the parade. I was able to take good photos. You can view it HERE. So after a while, we decide to leave and went to eat at Greenwhich. On the way, we took pics in the street to show how thick the crowd was. Even the overpass as jam packed.

I was hungry when we reached Greenwich. I think hubby was hungrier. I ate heartily despite my frustration of not being able to watch the parade. After eating we walked our way back home because there were no taxi available. All were taken. Darn!

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