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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Panagbenga 2016 (Part I - Complete Landscape Entries and Winners)

Hubby and I went to Baguio to watch the Panagbenga (Flower Festival) this year. It's been a while we haven't watch this yearly celebration. When I was still single, my siblings and I always go and watch it. I lost count how many times I witnessed this most awaited event in the City of Pines. This is hubby's 3rd time to see it. The first time was 7 years ago.  He really enjoyed it but he dislike the crowd. During this time of year, Baguio is so crowded. We stayed there for 6 days at my brother-in-law's house. That's where we usually stay every time we go there.

So for the duration of our stay, Burnham Park was our favorite place to go to because that's where the action is. The Landscape Entries were displayed there not to mention the countless commercial stalls that sell different stuffs and Baguio products. I love plants and flowers so I took photos of all the landscape entries. Each entry has 3 categories namely, carpet of flowers, vertical gardening and open category. Here they are.

1st Entry

2nd Entry

3rd Entry

4th Entry

5th Entry

6th Entry

7th Entry

8th Entry

9th Entry

10th Entry

11th Entry

12th Entry

13th Entry

14th Entry

After a few days, winning entries were posted and here are they.

Entry #8 1st prize in vertical gardening, 2nd prize in carpet of flowers. 


Entry #7  1st prize in open category

Entry #6  3rd prize in carpet of flowers

Entry #9  1st prize in carpet of flowers and 3rd prize in open category


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