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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Second Time At Long Beach Resort

We were on our way from Ilocos Norte last December and li'l brother was the diver. It's been a long drive and it was already around 7PM and hubby wanted to lie down and rest. First, we stopped by in a hotel along the highway in San Fernando, La Union but the hotel rooms are in the second floor and I don't wanna go up. My arthritis in my knees is killing me so I passed. I told hubby we will just go to Long Beach Resort in Bauang and spend the night there. We've been there before a few years ago but we didn't check-in. We just went there to have lunch in their restaurant. You can read it here.

The rooms at Long Beach Resort are very affordable, P750 per night with AC, tv plus wifi but the rooms need to be updated. Their tv is old and  small. The bathroom fixtures and showers need to be replaced. The hotel building had seen better days. Seems like they neglected this beach resort. If the owner would renovate the place, it would be great. The receptionist is friendly and we found out  that she is also the room keeper and waitress.

Long Beach Resort has a restaurant by the beach with a stunning ocean view, the foods are delicious. For breakfast. I got plain rice, sunny side up egg, fried boneless bangus  and 1 cup of coffee. Hubby got toasted bread, eggs, sliced ham and 2 cups of coffee and li'l brother got plain rice, fried egg, 2 longanisa plus a cup of coffee. Foods are yummy! We really enjoyed dining while looking at the waves. Great morning, awesome view and delicious foods!

After finishing our food, li'l brother and I descended the stairs and went by the beach. Took some pics, pose here, pose there, while hubby stayed and finished his second cup of coffee.

The resort has a function room where they hold seminars, parties and this is where the live band performs.

One of the staff told me that the owners are planning to sell the resort. Hubby said if only he has the money, he wants to buy it. Wishful thinking huh! Location wise, Long Beach Resort has the best beach front overlooking the China Sea. The resort is huge. It only needs a good landscaping and a renovation.

6 Ways to Dress More Fashionably This Year

Have you always been behind the curve of the fashion industry? Do your friends constantly poke fun at you for your eternal tee-and-jeans combo? You don't have to suffer fashion ineptitude anymore. Here are just a few ways to start developing a sense of flair and fun.

1. Know the Trends

You don't necessarily have to follow them; just learn what they are and what to expect when you go shopping. For example, metallics are very "in" right now, so you'll see lots of shining silvers and gleaming golds in department stores nationwide.

2. Embrace Layers

Layering is the time-honored tradition of turning even basic pieces of clothing into fashionable outfits. If you color-coordinate your tops, tunics and leggings, you'll look like you've put an admirable amount of care into your wardrobe.

3. Build a Foundation

Speaking of basics, make sure your closet has the bare bones of a functional wardrobe. It's hard to be fashionable if you're lacking even the necessities like a little black dress or a nice pair of trousers. Shoes are another good thing to stock up on; you'll want to have at least one casual pair and one dressy pair.

4. Accessorize

This is where expanding your wardrobe gets fun. What kind of jewelry collection do you want to build? There's no right or wrong answer here; some people like loud, colorful costume jewelry while others prefer the expensive and subtle kind. It's all up to you.

5. Find a Tailor

A good tailor can help you with everything from an altered wedding dress to a custom-fit suit. It's worth having one on your contacts list. If you can't afford a tailor, at least learn how to sew on your own so you can fix holes and loose threads in your favorite pair of pants.

6. Experiment

At the end of the day, there's no substitute for finding and rocking your own style, so don't be afraid to experiment. If you've always wanted a mohwak, go for it! If you've dreamed of dressing up like your favorite Bollywood stars, create a design of mehndi on your arms and wrap up in a sari. You can visit places like Craftsvilla to get you started.

These are just a few ways to liven up your closet and start taking chances with your wardrobe. No one likes wearing the same thing every day, so why not do something entirely different?
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