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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Part 6: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (3rd Day Itinerary: From Laoag City to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)

We woke up early the next morning, ate breakfast and got ready to check out from Texicano Hotel. The weather is a lot better because the rain had stopped and the sun was shining bright. Before we left, we took some pics in front of the hotel for souvenir. I wrote in my previous post that the hotel's rooms look like classrooms and the facade looks like a school building.

So we were ready to travel from Laoag to Pagudpud. The weather was great and I was happy that it wasn't hot because it rained the previous day. Travel time from Laoag to Pagudpud should be less than 2 hours. When we reached Bangui, it was raining there and the wiper in our van was acting up. My brother had to stop to fix it. It was raining hard and I had to shed him with my umbrella. He fixed it but when we reached Pasuquin, it started acting up again. He had to stop to fix it again and I saw those windmills not far from where we stopped. Absolutely beautiful. Need to see that when we go back. Wiper was fixed and we continued to Pagudpud and I tell you, until there it was raining cats and dogs. What a change of weather! It was sunny in Laoag but raining hard in Pagudpud.

We turned towards Saud Beach and we looked for a place to stay. We found Keahana Beach Resort at Saud White Beach Cove and among other hotels this is the most affordable. The room/cottage has an attic and is good for 4-5 people. It has a queen size bed on the first floor and king size bed at the attic. The room is nice and clean, with an AC, wifi and tv. Wifi is weak though. Their bathroom is clean but a bit small. There's a small porch too. The place is not a beachfront resort, it will take you about 5 minutes walk to the beach, passing other resorts. The staffs are friendly and accommodating. We did not make a reservation, we just walked-in.




I asked the receptionist how long it has been raining in Pagudpud and she told me almost 2 weeks already. According to her, December is a rainy season there. I did not know that and my disappointment was showing. How can we enjoy the white beach? All day long we stayed in our room. We did not bother to go out and eat. We still have our loaf of bread, peanut butter and cheese whiz sandwich spread plus the bibingka that we bought in Vigan not to mention the crackers that we brought with us. We have a big container with water too. So we're good and our foods will last us a day or two. I wanted to go to Hanna's and pass by the Patapat Viaduct but hubby didn't wanna go. He said it's raining, we won't enjoy the sight seeing and can't take photos because my camera might get wet. So nothing to do. Can't play games. My mini ipad died and I forgot my charger at home. We're on vacation but we can't go gallivanting around. So we just laid down and rested and of course we took some pics too.

I kept eating and I think I gained a few more pounds on this vacation. I need to have the will and determination to work out after this. The rain had stop for a while so we rode our van and drove to the beach. I remember this was the same place we came to visit a couple of decades ago with my sis Violy and her friends. We had a great time here. We stayed in Batac, we had a 5 day vacation at that time and we went to many beautiful spots in Ilocos Norte. This is my second time in the north. Love it here.

At Saud Beach, we can see from a distance the windmills at Bangui. It's not that clear this time because it was cloudy. I bet the view is nice if it's a sunny day and skies are clear. The sand is wet so it's not that white. It's more beautiful here during summer. There was nobody swimming around and I can understand that. Who would want to go swimming during rainy season. It's a good thing the rain stopped for a while and mother nature allowed us to have a glimpse of the beach and take some pics. I really thank God for this opportunity to see His wonderful creation. Pagudpud is well known for it's beautiful, white beaches and a lot of tourist flocked here to enjoy the beauty of nature that God has made in this part of the world.

I'll be back next time to Pagudpud when it's not raining...Promise.

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