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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Part 5: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (Second Day Itinerary: From Vigan To Laoag)

After visiting Baluarte, Hidden Garden and Pagburnayan in Vigan City, we immediately went back to the hotel to get our things and check out on our 2nd day. As I mentioned in my previous post, Hotel Felicidad is really a nice and clean hotel and the staffs are friendly. Every time we enter the door in the lobby, there's this very pleasant citrus smell and I told the staffs that it smells so good. Did I tell that the hotel provided each of us some bottled water, towels, lotions and toiletries and a complimentary breakfast? It has a flat screen cable tv and wifi ready. Only I had to go out of our room to be able to connect to the internet.

We availed their complimentary breakfast and they have the best Sinanglaw I ever tasted.

After we packed our things and changed clothes, then time to check out. We wore the new shirts I bought at Baluarte.

We stopped by at Mc Donalds to eat lunch. I brought my DSLR camera with me and my umbrella because it was drizzling. As usual, we ate big burgers again. The restaurant was full packed and I had to put on the floor beside my feet my purse, umbrella and my DSLR camera but my brother got my camera and put it down beside him.

When we finished our food, we all went out and rode the van and headed to our next destination which is Pagudpud. We were already leaving Vigan when I noticed that my DSLR camera is missing. It was then I realized that my brother forgot to get it when we got up and leave. I was so frantic while we were driving back to McDo. Negative thoughts were running in my mind. What if somebody got it and leave. I'll be damned! If only I can run as fast as I could to get there right away.

When my brother parked, I hurriedly walked my way to McDo. I went to the table where we sat and 2 ladies were sitting there. I didn't see any camera under under the table or anywhere around. I asked them if they had seen a Nikon DSLR camera in a black bag there and they told me they gave it to one of the service crew. Boy, was I relieved! I approached the service crew and he went to the locker, got my camera and handed it to me. I was really thankful and I praised God that my camera was not stolen and was returned to me intact.

Then off we went to Pagudpud and it was already pre-dusk but we were still in Laoag. Hubby decided that we need to spend the night there and we will continue the journey to Pagudpud early in the morning since it still raining. My brother had to drive slowly while I kept looking around for a hotel until I saw Texicano Hotel. It's not as great as the previous hotel where we stayed in Vigan but then, we will just sleep for the night there. Besides it's half the price of the one in Vigan. I asked the receptionist if the owner is a foreigner because of the hotel's name and she told me that the owner was a Texan but passed away and the wife's dialect is Ilocano, thus the name Texicano. The rooms in Texicano look like classroom, only there are no chairs and tables but beds. Bathroom is clean but smells like pee to me. Their tv is small and old but no cable and wifi is weak too.

That night we ate in the hotel's restaurant and mind you, we were in Cloud Nine! By the way, that's the name of the restaurant. In fairness, the foods taste good and the prices are reasonable. Hubby loved his beef pot roast, one of the best he said but their squid is tough.

After we ate our supper, li'l brother and I went downtown to see the place. It was just a couple of blocks away from the hotel. Hubby stayed and watched tv. We hired a tricycle because it was raining. We were so disappointed to see no Christmas lights in front of the city hall. Across the city hall is The Sinking Bell Tower. It has some lights but no Christmas lights Then I remember what we watched in the news on tv earlier that 2 young boys suffered electric shock and died the previous day while playing or touching the Christmas lights at the city hall. Maybe as a sign of mourning, city hall employees turned off the Christmas lights at night. Thus, Laoag which means light becomes "Dilim" (dark) at night.

The photo below is taken early in the morning while we were about to leave Laoag.

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