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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gifts From A Very Generous Friend

Friends are blessings sent directly from God to me and I cherish each one. I don't have a bunch of friends but I am so thankful that those few friends I have are being used by God as channels of blessings to bless me and hubby. Yesterday, I received a package from a very generous friend sent through LBC. Actually, Cora is on vacation from Texas and we were not able to see each other when they went to Manaoag to visit. So she sent me a message in FB informing me that she gonna send me some stuffs through LBC. This is not the first time that she did that. She sent me one before. You can read it HERE. Also read here what she gave me last time and I'm pretty sure you will agree with me that she's a generous giver. Her generosity is beyond compare. There were more gifts that she gave me in the past that were not posted here.

Yesterday, hubby and I were in the doctor's clinic for hubby's eye check up when the guy from LBC called me on my cellphone. He was in our house to deliver the package but I told him we are not home and just leave the box to my brother who is working in the municipal hall which is just a couple of minutes drive from our house. I gave my brother's name and thank the LBC guy for his willingness to do so.

When hubby and I got home, my niece Vernice was so excited to tell us that a box arrived and she was waiting for me to open it. I didn't open it right away. I had to prepare a tuna sandwich for hubby first and we all ate afterwards. Then I was playing a game on my mini ipad after I ate. Vernice can't wait and she kept nagging me to open the box. She said  she's pretty sure that there's something for her there because her tita Cora knows her. So she was anxious to see what's inside the box and so with hubby. Finally, I gave in and I asked Vernice to get a knife so I can open the box. But before that, I took a photo first.

Then Vernice volunteered to take a photo of me with the box. Hubby looks on.

And time to open the box. Here are what's inside.

Blouses and pants for me.

Shorts, pants and shirts for hubby

Fig bars, M and M's, coffee, crayons. markers, pens, combs, scissors  and toothbrushes.

Nice wrist watch. Hubby wants it.

Bag for me. Love it!

Clothes for Venice. She was right indeed. Cora had something for her and she was so ecstatic! She tried it right away.

I am so happy and blessed. It's like I went on a shopping spree with all these stuffs from Cora. Only these are freebies, gifts from a very generous friend who shared her blessings to us. I am so blessed beyond measure for having a friend like Cora.  I thank and praise God for friends like her.

4 Types of Accommodations Available in Costa Rica

When you travel to the lush-filled forests and tropical beaches of Costa Rica, you can pick from an array lodging-types. The island boasts a myriad of highly-rated accommodations, so where you decide to stay during the duration of trip simply depends on your preferences. Would you like to be near the pristine waters or do you prefer to experience life within the tropical rain forest? The following are the 4 types of accommodations at your disposal.

Private Homes and Villas

These standalone structures can be as small as one bedroom and as large as eight bedrooms. With your pick of beach, golf or forest views, you'll feel like you're living in a luxurious home away from home. Most private homes and villas include daily maid service, access to high-speed internet and full kitchens among other amenities. Private homes, like los suenos costa rica, also give you access to laundry facilities, game rooms and BBQ equipment.


If you prefer to spend your time in Costa Rica on a private beach, resorts are a great option for you. Resorts on the island maintain complete control of their surrounding environment ensuring that your entire experience is 5-star from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. From the quality of the sand to the activities available on the property, you can maximize your rest and relaxation without leaving the haven.


Costa Rica consists of a collection of hotels ranging in various ratings and sizes. From boutique to Inns, they are conveniently spread out across the island. Steps from the beach, in the mountains and near the airport, there's one that will meet your amenity desires, location and budget. Since the island is used to an influx of tourists, the rooms, food and views will be up to par.

Adults Only and Adventure

For those who are seeking an adult-only environment or some adventure, there are lodgings available in Costa Rica that satisfy each request. The adventure lodgings are situated within the forests that get you as close as possible to the surrounding wildlife, so go ahead and pack your itinerary with hiking, zip lining and horse back riding.

The accommodations available in Costa Rica are as diverse as its terrain. Whether you're traveling as a family, couple or group, the lodgings that best suit the vacation-type you are seeking can be found.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hope's Paradise Garden

It's been many moons ago since the last time I've seen Hope and that was during our college days. She was my board mate in Baguio then. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reconnect with her.  I was so impressed with the photos of her garden that she posted in FB a few years ago. It looks so nice, plants were arranged beautifully and it has a well manicured lawn. Look at these pics from her Facebook album and I'm pretty sure you will agree with me.

I commented in her FB that I wanna see her garden one of these days but days and years goes by and I didn't have time to go to the north to visit her and see her garden. Finally last month, when we went to Ilocos Region, Hope messaged me in FB to stop by her office when we go back home from the north. I got her cellphone number and when we were on the way from Ilocos, I texted her that we will be stopping by her office. By the way, she is the SB Secretary in the town of Sudipen, La Union. This is the last town of La Union and the next town is Tagudin, Ilocos Sur.

I was so excited to see Hope again. At last, after over 3 decades we saw each other again. She is still the same Hope, jolly and bubbly except she gained extra pounds like me. She have 4 kids, all professionals and 2 are working abroad. Hope have been to the US and other countries. She invited us to their house which is just a few steps away from the municipal hall. I never thought it was that near. And there was her paradise garden! I was so ecstatic to see it at last. For a plant lover like me, I am really appreciative and interested to see a very well-maintained, well trimmed and well arranged garden. I asked how much did she spend for the landscaping and she said nothing because she did it herself. She worked until 9:30PM most of the time doing her landscaping. I was dumbfounded and commended her for doing such a good job! It looks like it was done by a professional landscaper. I love gardening too but my gardening skill pales in comparison to her skill.

I went to her porch and I saw how creative she is not only in gardening/landscaping but also in interior design. Take a look.

Here are some pics in Hope's living room with her, me and hubby.

We went out and went to the right side of the house leading to her dirty kitchen. This is where her politician husband and his fellow politicians meet. It don't look like a dirty kitchen to me. It looks so neat and well kept.

We really had a good time at Hope's place. It's very nice, relaxing, serene and truly a paradise garden. She gave me a big ripe papaya to take home. I thank God for friends like Hope. She's a blessing.

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