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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Part 4: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (Second Day Itinerary: Pagburnayan)

Pagburnayan is third in our itinerary on our 2nd day in Vigan City. It's name Pagburnayan comes from the root word burnay which means handcrafted earthenware jar. My late grandmother used to make fish sauce or bagoong using burnay. In fact she got quite a few of these jars and I still have some of it until this day but I use it now as a display in our garden.

Burnay's earlier use were for tea drinking, and as container for salt, brown sugar, water, local wine (basi) and bagoong (fermented fish). It is even said that basi and bagoong taste much better when stored inside burnays. Nowadays, people buy them mostly to serve as decorations inside their homes and gardens. Miniature versions of the jars are also made in abundance because they have become a favorite souvenir item of foreign and local tourists.

At Pagburnayan, you can see a lot of burnay (jars) of different sizes, shapes and designs. I've seen also a lot of broken pieces of jars there too. We were directed to go inside the pottery barn and it was dark inside. The burnay maker was not yet there and we were told to wait but we can't wait that long. We just watched those 2 guys putting designs to the jars that were already done and we took some photos. It was already almost 12PM and we need to go back to our hotel to get our things, check out and move to our next destination.  

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