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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Part 4: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (Second Day Itinerary: Pagburnayan)

Pagburnayan is third in our itinerary on our 2nd day in Vigan City. It's name Pagburnayan comes from the root word burnay which means handcrafted earthenware jar. My late grandmother used to make fish sauce or bagoong using burnay. In fact she got quite a few of these jars and I still have some of it until this day but I use it now as a display in our garden.

Burnay's earlier use were for tea drinking, and as container for salt, brown sugar, water, local wine (basi) and bagoong (fermented fish). It is even said that basi and bagoong taste much better when stored inside burnays. Nowadays, people buy them mostly to serve as decorations inside their homes and gardens. Miniature versions of the jars are also made in abundance because they have become a favorite souvenir item of foreign and local tourists.

At Pagburnayan, you can see a lot of burnay (jars) of different sizes, shapes and designs. I've seen also a lot of broken pieces of jars there too. We were directed to go inside the pottery barn and it was dark inside. The burnay maker was not yet there and we were told to wait but we can't wait that long. We just watched those 2 guys putting designs to the jars that were already done and we took some photos. It was already almost 12PM and we need to go back to our hotel to get our things, check out and move to our next destination.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Part 3: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (Second Day Itinerary: Hidden Garden)

After visiting Baluarte, we proceeded to Hidden Garden in Vigan City. This place is a must visit if you are a plant lover like me or if you simply admire nature's beauty, foliage and flowers. At the lobby, we were offered a free sample of turmeric tea with honey. It tasted good and then I was given a second small cup of the said tea. As we walked along, my brother disappeared and went to take selfies with his monopod and cellphone. Then a guy approached us and volunteered to take our photos with my camera. That was very nice of him. I think he works there in that Garden. Hubby gave him a tip for doing the favor.

Hidden Garden is a very nice place, peaceful and relaxing. One can wander inside the big garden with no entrance fee, pathways will lead you to a lot of good spots inside. The place showcases various plants found not only in the Philippines, but also in different parts of Asia. After you finish your tour around the place, you can rest at their restaurant and experience their Ilocano specialties. We didn't have time to dine there because we still have one last stop before heading back to our hotel to check out. Till my next post.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Part 2: Our Vacation In Ilocos Region (Second Day Itinerary: Baluarte)

On our 2nd day in Vigan City, we went to see some of the tourist spots around. We hired a tricycle to take us there because we are not familiar with the place. The hotel staff suggested to us to hire a kalesa, a horse driven carriage to take us around Vigan but I'm scared to ride that thingy so we hired a tricycle instead. The tricycle driver charged Php500 to take us to all the tourist spots in Vigan but we didn't have much time. We had to check out of the hotel by 12PM so we only went to three places namely, Baluarte, Hidden Garden and Pagburnayan.


So we opted to see this place first. Among the tourist spots, this was the farthest from our hotel. There's no entrance fee to see this place but they have a donation box in the lobby. Hubby donated Php100 and the lady gave me a mini stuff toy as a souvenir. Baluarte mini zoo is own by Gov. Chavit Singson of Ilocos Sur. According to the information I got from the internet, Baluarte started off as a rest house in 1991 with celebrity friends like Fernando Poe Jr. as regular visitor spending long weekends. The place has already considerable numbers of domestic animals like monkeys, chickens, large lizards (bayawak) and rare bird species, right inside the Baluarte forest, these rare bird species are found only in there. Governor Chavit, loves nature and exhibits passion for animals. Baluarte setting is that place where he can enjoy peace and quiet and away from the demands of a busy life and urban living. As a political leader of Ilocos Sur, people searched for him continuously.

It was drizzling that day and it was cloudy too. I've seen a vendor selling monopods so I bought one for myself and one for my brother. He was so excited to use it for his selfie. First we went to take pics in front of the Baluarte sign where the Jurassic-themed part of the zoo is located at. I kept wiping my camera though because of the drizzling rain. Hubby who doesn't like picture taking enjoyed posing with the animals made of concrete.

As we walked farther, I've seen vendors selling some souvenir shirts. I stopped to buy t-shirts for the three of us while hubby looks on.

Here are some of the animals I've seen. There were more but these were the only pics that I managed to take.

We then proceeded to the Safari area and it was uphill. Hubby didn't wanna proceed because he was already tired and sweating. I kept telling him he can do and he did. The Safari Gallery showcases preserved animals or skin of animals of different kinds and this art is called taxidermy.

I'll write about Hidden Garden and Pagburnayan in my next post.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Village in San Manuel, Pangasinan

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys are having fun celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Before this day is over, I just want to share this post and some photos we took at the Christmas Village in San Manuel, Pangasinan.

This is a late post because we went there about 2 weeks ago. I really am  lagging behind regarding my posts and I still have my Ilocos trip that I haven't done posting yet. Promise, I will do it as soon as I can. Back to my topic. Three weeks ago, my brother and I were watching Rated K when they featured the Christmas villages in the country and the Christmas Village in San Manuel caught my eye. Why? Because I found it unique and it's just in a nearby town. I told my brother I want to see that place. So after a few days, off we went to San Manuel with my 2 brothers, sis-in-law and my niece Vernice. Hubby didn't want to go. He's not a night person. He prefer watching tv than gallivanting around.

When we reached the town of San Manuel, my brother parked our van past the town hall and we just walked going to the Christmas Village just in front of the town hall. We saw an array of Christmas light as we approached the place. There were many people around and likes us, I know they were really impressed. I was so amazed of how they made those Christmas displays and it truly is a sight to behold. At the entrance, you can see this framed tarpaulin and it's written "Welcome to the Windows of the World."

As we walked around, we've seen the famous tourist attractions from different countries in the world right before our eyes. What amazed me though is that most of the materials they used are recycled like empty plastic bottles, used plastic cups, plastic spoons of different colors, dried corn husks, beans, etc. It goes to show how creative Filipinos are and they really, really did a very good job! Our eyes feasted with the different tourist attractions in the world! We enjoyed everything around and of course my camera kept clicking. Li'l brother was my photographer. Take a look.

                                                           EIFFEL TOWER in Paris

                                                       The MERLION in Singapore

                                                The STATUE OF LIBERTY in New York

                                                        OPERA HOUSE in Australia

                                                                  LONDON BRIDGE

                                                              PYRAMID of Egypt

                                                            LEGOLAND in Malaysia

                                                          KALESA in the Philippines



                                                      CHERRY BLOSSOMS in Japan

                                                               TAJ MAJAL in India

                                                                BIG BEN in London

                                                         DUBLIN CASTLE in Ireland



                                                                       DUBAI, UAE

                                                              GONDOLA in Venice

                                                             mickey mouse made of beans

                                                      Christmas tree made of corn husks

                                                Christmas tree made of empty plastic bottles
                                                                       More photos

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