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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Outing Time

We took the kids in our church to swim in the swimming pool here in our town yesterday. It's not a big swimming pool but it's just right for the kids and adults to swim and have fun. The owner told me that the swimming pool was intended for their personal use only but later he open it for rent to the public. There were only 12 kids and 5 adults including me and hubby who came, the rest were not able to come. The entrance fee is Php30.00 per pax and the rent of the nipa hut is Php300.00. The nipa hut has a ceiling fan and a tv with cable. They were just filling up the pool with fresh water when we arrived and they didn't put any chlorine. I know that chlorine is not good for the health so I'm glad the pool is chlorine free. It didn't take long and the kids went into the pool and they had a blast. 

Hubby and I didn't swim and we just watched the kids having fun. I just had my hair rebonded the day before and I was told by the beautician not to wet or wash my hair for 3 days. The swimming pool is not that far from our house so hubby went home to get our lunch. Our helper cooked chicken adobo and munggo beans with ampalaya and I cooked the rice. Simple foods but we all loved it. We had iced tea for our drinks. After lunch, the kids went back to the pool while we watched our favorite noontime show, Eat Bulaga inside the nipa hut. I really enjoy watching the show especially with the phenomenal love team AlDub. It's a stress reliever for me.

Hubby decided to go to the swimming pool after a while. Maybe he got enticed with those joyful kids having a blast. I told him to be careful because my SIL Vivian told me that the tiles inside the pool are slippery. As hubby stepped down the pool he almost slipped. I got worried but he managed. Then when he went his way down to the adults pool, he slipped down again and lost his balanced. I thought he drowned when the kids went to the rescue. I went to see him and he almost lost his breath. I found out that inside the adults pool, there was a part that sloped down to a deeper part and hubby didn't see it so he slipped down and lost balance. Nobody told him about that. Maybe the kids didn't know how to say it in English. The kids kept asking him if he's okay. I got so worried. Hubby stayed there for a while and when he felt better, got out of the pool. It's a good thing nothing serious happened to him. I thought he got a sprained or got hurt. He said only his ego was hurt.

I found out late that the swimming pool is not safe for kids and adults. Tiles were slippery and no railing on the sides to hold on to.  I will not recommend that pool to other people and definitely, we will not go back there. I had to call the kids to get out of the pool and have snacks then after wards I asked them to go shower and we'll go home. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed swimming but hubby did not. I thank God nobody got hurt and hubby is doing okay. Here are some of our photos.

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