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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Papaya Plantation

Just this afternoon, we had the chance to visit a 2 hectare papaya plantation in one of the barangays in our town. I wanted to buy some papayas because hubby and I love this fruit when it's ripe. I usually buy it at the market or at the grocery store. This fruit is good for constipation, skin protection, improves indigestion, good for the eyes, prevents heart disease and cancer. 

So off we went to the farm which is just a 10 minutes drive from our place. When we reached the farm, the owner was there and also his helpers. We were given permission to roam around the papaya plantation. There were lots of papaya trees around and we were so delighted to see such short trees bearing lots of fruits. We took quite a few photos beside the papaya trees showcasing its green, abundant fruits. The thing is, the papayas are not yet ripe, not even half ripe because they just harvested the fruits that were ready and sold it. Nevertheless, I still requested to buy some and the guy told me that it will take 4-5 days before it will ripen.

I talked to the owner and asked him some few questions. He told me that he is a retired Electrical Engineer and worked in NY for 40 years. He came back to the Philippines and bought agricultural land and planted papayas. I also learned that the papayas were just planted 10 months ago. Can't believe it doesn't take that long before the harvest. I thought it takes longer than that. We also had the privilege to get some jutes or saluyot leaves that grew in between the papaya trees. This veggie is very delicious and nutritious. I learned how to cook saluyot burger and I tell you, it was so good. Hubby and I loved it!

Anyways,  here are some photos at the papaya plantation and some at the rice field. It was really an afternoon delight at the farm. To top it all, we just paid a voluntary amount for all the papayas that we got. Cool!

These are what I got. In 4-5 days they will ripen. I have to wait and see.

And here's the owner of the papaya plantation. He is a customer of Rose at her massage shop.

Here are the pics at the rice field.

And here are the wanna be models, from left to right according to age, lol!

Now here are the thorns among the roses.

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