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Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheap Creative Activities For Children

When it comes to stimulating your child's creativity, the school environment is crucial and the activities that he or she participates in after school are just as important. If you fear that your kid will need a lot of pricey equipment and , don't worry – using coupons from Discountrue or other special offers it won't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Read on to learn more about these cheap, creative pursuits that will engage your child and help build their intellect.

Let Them Be A Superhero

If there is one thing that children enjoy, it is throwing on a makeshift cape and pretending to save the world. Challenge your child to create a superhero persona that is all their own and don't stifle their creativity. Transforming into their own versions of favorite characters is how many children express themselves. Ask your little one about the powers that they would choose to have and why they would choose them. Let them create a logo and provide them with old sheets and other scraps of fabric to make a costume!

Read Comics Together

A great way to stimulate your child while also learning more about their sense of humor is to read the daily comic strips together. Once you have learned more about what makes them laugh, ask them to create a comic strip of their own and take time to read it and offer honest feedback. When you provide your child with an outlet to tell their own stories and enhance their creativity, their capacity for self-expression becomes limitless.

Hold Your Own Elections

While most children are not going to take an interest in how politics work on a macro level, you can give them a taste of how they work on a micro level, by holding your own elections at home. Even if it is something as simple as cats vs dogs, having two children each pick a side and debate will sharpen their reasoning skills. This is a great way to teach your children how political campaigns work and providing them with an adult audience for their debates will also empower them.

See If They Are Camera Ready

There are very few children who can resist hamming it up when a camera comes out. Instead of allowing them to use cameras to goof off, encourage them to put together their own television program. Perhaps a sports themed show would work best, or maybe a fashion show. Or you can allow them to create their own music video. Cater to your child's interests and give them the opportunity to make a show that appeals to their sensibilities.

Learn A Second Language

Studies have shown that there is no better time than childhood for a person to learn a second language. Starting small, with a few key words and phrases, will help them to get their feet wet. Learning how to connect a foreign language to an aspect of your child's life enhances the learning process. Perhaps you would like to teach your child a certain language so that they can communicate with a foreign relative or maybe they are already learning a language at school. As your child continues to learn new words, track their progress and reward them for their hard work!

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