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Monday, September 21, 2015

Anniversary Getaway at Sunset Bay Beach Resort (Part II)

This was the second day of our getaway at Sunset Bay which was the actual day of our anniversary. First thing we did after getting up was to eat breakfast. I was contented to drink my coffee and eat peanut butter sandwich in our room but hubby wanted to dine in again at the resort's restaurant and order an American breakfast. My brother and I had to go with him so he will not be lonesome. Hubby ordered an American breakfast which consists of bacon, 2 eggs and 2 toasted, buttered bread and a cup of coffee. My li'l brother and I ordered Filipino breakfast which consists of boneless milkfish (bangus), 2 fried eggs, fried rice and a cup of coffee for me and iced tea for him. I don't know but I was not really impressed with their foods. It don't taste great nor yummy to me. You can read my post here on our first day.

After we ate, we went to the garden overlooking the sea and took more photos. Li'l brother was our photographer this time. Sun was shining bright and the view was spectacular.

From the garden, we went down the steps going to the beach. Hubby and I found some monobloc chairs underneath an umbrella tree. We just sat down there for a while while basking at the beauty of God's wonderful creation. It was breezy, so quiet and the sun was kissing the beach. It was so inviting but we opted to just sit down, look at the water and relax. Perfect! I can stay here forever.

After a while, hubby and I decided to walk by the seashore. We took off our sandals and walked barefooted. We were like teenagers walking hand in hand in the white sandy beach.

Here are some pics of me basking at the beauty of nature. I'm such a nature lover. Thank you Lord for your creation.

Here are more photos. Li'l brother was so inspired to take more pics. He's just an amateur photographer but I think he has the potential.

Below are some pics I took myself.

Lastly, these are 2 of my favorite pics that my li'l brother took. Love, love, love it!!!

Thank you, dear Lord, for giving me and hubby another day, another anniversary, to enjoy each other's company, to bask at the beauty of Your Creation, and to worship You and pray.

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