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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Best Time of the Year to Get Rid of Excess Fat

You may have noticed that all throughout the year, there are times when your weight is just not constant. There may be months wherein you are a bit heavier than usual and there are also times when you tend to have normal weight. Usually, there are events in your life that will make you gain extra pounds. 

The holiday season is one of those times when you just gain and pack up a lot of weight. This is due to the numerous parties that you have to attend and the people that you would have to meet. You usually end up eating a lot of food products that your body does not need. At this point, you may already be wondering when is the best time of the year for you to get rid of excess fat.

The answer may vary from one person to another. For instance, there are some people who feel that January is the best time to lose weight because this is the time when everyone is determined to lose the fats that they have gained because of the parties that they have attended. There are also some people who feel that the best time to lose weight is before summer season so that they will not have any problems with flaunting their bikini bodies. For some people, they just want to make sure that they will lose weight when they would want to.

Here are some tips that you can follow to lose weight fast:

                1. Make use of effective weight loss method like HCG drops. Aside from the fact that HCG will help   make your metabolism stronger and faster, you can also be sure that HCG drops will help you out in curing your pangs of hunger that might because you to eat more than you should. You can also choose other treatments or supplements, but make sure you do careful research prior to purchase.
            2. .Have a nice exercise plan. Without the exercise plan, you will only be doing exercises randomly and this might confuse your body overall. Here are some ideas for you to get started: 1 (also has useful interactive calculators to customize your workout plan) and 2. 
             3.     Pay attention to the food that you eat. If you are going to eat the wrong type of food, you will gain more weight.

It will depend on you when you think you should lose weight but make sure that you will stay determined to make it effective.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheap Creative Activities For Children

When it comes to stimulating your child's creativity, the school environment is crucial and the activities that he or she participates in after school are just as important. If you fear that your kid will need a lot of pricey equipment and , don't worry – using coupons from Discountrue or other special offers it won't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Read on to learn more about these cheap, creative pursuits that will engage your child and help build their intellect.

Let Them Be A Superhero

If there is one thing that children enjoy, it is throwing on a makeshift cape and pretending to save the world. Challenge your child to create a superhero persona that is all their own and don't stifle their creativity. Transforming into their own versions of favorite characters is how many children express themselves. Ask your little one about the powers that they would choose to have and why they would choose them. Let them create a logo and provide them with old sheets and other scraps of fabric to make a costume!

Read Comics Together

A great way to stimulate your child while also learning more about their sense of humor is to read the daily comic strips together. Once you have learned more about what makes them laugh, ask them to create a comic strip of their own and take time to read it and offer honest feedback. When you provide your child with an outlet to tell their own stories and enhance their creativity, their capacity for self-expression becomes limitless.

Hold Your Own Elections

While most children are not going to take an interest in how politics work on a macro level, you can give them a taste of how they work on a micro level, by holding your own elections at home. Even if it is something as simple as cats vs dogs, having two children each pick a side and debate will sharpen their reasoning skills. This is a great way to teach your children how political campaigns work and providing them with an adult audience for their debates will also empower them.

See If They Are Camera Ready

There are very few children who can resist hamming it up when a camera comes out. Instead of allowing them to use cameras to goof off, encourage them to put together their own television program. Perhaps a sports themed show would work best, or maybe a fashion show. Or you can allow them to create their own music video. Cater to your child's interests and give them the opportunity to make a show that appeals to their sensibilities.

Learn A Second Language

Studies have shown that there is no better time than childhood for a person to learn a second language. Starting small, with a few key words and phrases, will help them to get their feet wet. Learning how to connect a foreign language to an aspect of your child's life enhances the learning process. Perhaps you would like to teach your child a certain language so that they can communicate with a foreign relative or maybe they are already learning a language at school. As your child continues to learn new words, track their progress and reward them for their hard work!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Anniversary Getaway at Sunset Bay Beach Resort (Part II)

This was the second day of our getaway at Sunset Bay which was the actual day of our anniversary. First thing we did after getting up was to eat breakfast. I was contented to drink my coffee and eat peanut butter sandwich in our room but hubby wanted to dine in again at the resort's restaurant and order an American breakfast. My brother and I had to go with him so he will not be lonesome. Hubby ordered an American breakfast which consists of bacon, 2 eggs and 2 toasted, buttered bread and a cup of coffee. My li'l brother and I ordered Filipino breakfast which consists of boneless milkfish (bangus), 2 fried eggs, fried rice and a cup of coffee for me and iced tea for him. I don't know but I was not really impressed with their foods. It don't taste great nor yummy to me. You can read my post here on our first day.

After we ate, we went to the garden overlooking the sea and took more photos. Li'l brother was our photographer this time. Sun was shining bright and the view was spectacular.

From the garden, we went down the steps going to the beach. Hubby and I found some monobloc chairs underneath an umbrella tree. We just sat down there for a while while basking at the beauty of God's wonderful creation. It was breezy, so quiet and the sun was kissing the beach. It was so inviting but we opted to just sit down, look at the water and relax. Perfect! I can stay here forever.

After a while, hubby and I decided to walk by the seashore. We took off our sandals and walked barefooted. We were like teenagers walking hand in hand in the white sandy beach.

Here are some pics of me basking at the beauty of nature. I'm such a nature lover. Thank you Lord for your creation.

Here are more photos. Li'l brother was so inspired to take more pics. He's just an amateur photographer but I think he has the potential.

Below are some pics I took myself.

Lastly, these are 2 of my favorite pics that my li'l brother took. Love, love, love it!!!

Thank you, dear Lord, for giving me and hubby another day, another anniversary, to enjoy each other's company, to bask at the beauty of Your Creation, and to worship You and pray.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Save Energy

One of the biggest expenses for North American households is their monthly energy bill. During very cold or very hot weather, the amount of money that families spend to heat and cool their homes can be quite high. However, there are ways that you can combat these high energy bills. One of the best things about these energy saving methods is that they will not require much time and effort on your part. If you keep tabs on all of the things listed below, you will no longer have that uneasy feeling in your stomach every month when your energy bill arrives in the mail.

Check your windows

Some of the biggest culprits when it comes to high energy bills are windows that do not seal completely. If you have windows that allow cold or hot air to escape from your home, you are basically paying your hard-earned money to heat and cool the outdoors. Needless to say, this is money that you are wasting that could be better utilized elsewhere. If your windows are more than 20 years old, you can bet that they are not up the the current level of energy efficiency that is present in most types of modern windows. You would be wise to install new energy efficient windows in your home. While you will need to make an initial investment, the good news is that your new windows will eventually pay for themselves by saving you lots of cash in the future.

Install insulation

Just like old windows are prone to let hot and cold air escape through your home, this same air can escape through your attic and other places that require insulation. This is why it is so important to make sure your home is properly insulated. Like anything else, insulation wears out and becomes less effective over time. Also, insulation from many decades ago will not be nearly as effective and energy efficient as insulation that is sold today. With commercial energy rates as high as they are these days, you owe it to yourself to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Make a thorough inspection of your home for areas that either have no insulation at all or need to have new insulation installed. Having new insulation throughout your home is something that will pay huge dividends down the road. The amount of money you save will astound you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Anniversary Getaway (Part I)

Hubby and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last September 11th. For a change, we went to a beach resort called Sunset Bay Beach Resort in San Fernando City, La Union. I've seen this  place in the internet a couple of years ago and just by looking at the photos, I was so captivated. I've seen quite a few beach resorts while browsing the net but this one really caught my eye. I told hubby about it and he agreed that we spend our anniversary there. So a day before our anniversary, hubby and I went there with my youngest brother as the driver. It was a two hour drive from our place. It rained while we were on the way but I was glad that when we reached La Union, there was no rain there.

Sunset Bay Beach Resort is set in well established gardens and I so loved the landscaping. This small secluded resort fronts onto a safe, white sandy beach and the sea is crystal clear. It is so tranquil and very relaxing atmosphere.
When we checked in, the receptionist was so friendly and accommodating. I learned from her that the owners of this resort are 4 foreigners, British and English guys and are currently based in Hong Kong. I forgot to ask how often they visit Philippines. We got the Deluxe room (triple sharing) and she gave us the key to our room not too far from their bar and restaurant. They have a total of 23 rooms and all have AC, fans, satellite tv, hot and cold showers, WIFI internet connection and there was a safety box. Our room was clean and well-maintained, AC was so cold.

My li'l brother's bed

I was so eager to see the place so hubby and I roamed around. There were quite a few foreigners who were checked in here. Some were having a conversation in the garden. Hubby and I took turns in taking photos and we were so impressed with the view, garden and everything. Perfect! Let the photos speak for themselves.

Below is the infinity pool complete with waterfall and overlooks the sea. This is good for the kids because it's not that deep.

More photos taken at the beach. No sunset this time because the sun didn't show up and it was cloudy.

My li'l brother followed us after a while so I snapped a photo of him and hubby.

When we were done, it was time for supper so we went to dine in their restaurant. There were quite a few people dining in already. We all ordered beef chili but we chose different side dishes. The food was just so-so, and the meat was too greasy. I didn't eat it all my foods. The price is high for me. I had better foods at Deluxe Restaurant and a lot cheaper too. Below are the pics of the foods we ordered. One plate (1 order) costs Php250 and 1 small bottle of gatorade costs Php65. Too pricey and I was not satisfied. 


We got the chance to meet the manager of the resort. He is an Aussie and has been living in the Philippines for 40 years. and he can speak Tagalog! He's married to a Filipina and has 3 kids. He has a business, making sausages. Hubby ordered 1 kilo of Hungarian sausages.  He is pleasant to talk with, friendly and he even gave us 2 packs of cinnamon rolls that he bought from a shorty lady and gave hubby a free cup of coffee. By the way, their coffee costs Php60 per cup. I think that's too expensive cup of coffee. I'm cheapskate, I won't buy that. I will just drink their service water, at least it's free, lol! The best thing in our conversation is that we had the chance to talk to him about salvation. We told him we need a Savior and our sins to be forgiven in order to get to heaven. He may not got saved right away but we planted a seed in his mind. He had something to think about.

                                       Hubby with the resort manager named Warren
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