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Monday, August 31, 2015

Family House

The house where we live now is our family house which we inherited from my grandparents. It was built in the 70's so it's already old and the roof needs repair because it has already some leaks. I was wondering if Columbus roofers can give us a good estimate on how much the expenses would cost us to have the roof repaired. I heard positive reviews about their work and I'm pretty sure they will do their job well so I can get my money's worth. The house has a sentimental value to me because this is where my siblings and I were born and grew up. I spent most of my life here and it's kinda hard to leave it just like that.

My hubby wanted to move to a bigger house with a spacious yard but I was thinking of the rent. Why rent a house if we have one for free. I think it is not practical so I didn't agree with his plan. The house is actually like a duplex because my brother and his family live next door. That's the reason why hubby wanted a bigger house. Hubby is from the lone star state and they said that everything is big in Texas. That I have to agree. Our house and lot that we sold there a few years ago was a lot bigger than our house now. But then, we have to be contented with what we have now. Anyway, hubby and I both know that everything in this world is just temporal. We can't take our house to the grave. Though you have a mansion or a palace here on earth, you will leave it behind when it's your time to leave earth. What is important is that we both know that we have a mansion waiting for us in heaven.

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