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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vernice Julia's 7th Birthday

Time really flies so fast. My niece Vernice  just turned 7 yesterday. The baby who was only 6 months old when hubby and I got here in my homeland celebrated her 7th birthday last Saturday. She was so happy and she kept telling me that she was so excited. while she was changing into her pink gown. I told her that I'm happy that she's happy. Her parents didn't really wanted her to have a debut style celebration but long before her birthday, she kept telling me and hubby of her birthday. She was excited and she was having a countdown. She was so sweet to hubby and she always gave him hugs and kisses. She knows how to win his heart. So I told hubby that we gonna help so she can have a memorable birthday, not a lavish one, just so she can have a memorable birthday. Her past birthdays were just for the family and close neighbors. Nothing fancy except her 1st birthday. The reason was that her 1st birthday and dedication to the Lord were celebrated at the same time. It's like killing two birds in one stone. 

My brother made a birthday design for the tarpaulin and I was the one who paid to have it printed. I made some lumpia and gelatin-fruit salad or we call it agar-agar. I bought the small 7 balloons and also the prizes for the games and the give aways for the kids. Hubby bought the cake and paid for the beef for caldereta. The rest of the foods like the spaghetti, pancit, macaroni salad, ground pork (giniling) and fried chicken legs were courtesy of Vernice's parents. They also rented a videoke to the delight of Vernice but it attracted some kids and adults and they came though they were not invited. Only in the Philippines. Hubby said maybe it's one of those times that they can  have a decent meal.

My sister-in-law Marlyn volunteered to clean the carport for the venue and decorated it too. She made a stage for Vernice and she really transformed our messy and cluttered carport. She really did a good job. She also volunteered to help in washing the dishes.  What a relief. The hair and make-up of Vernice was courtesy of Rose.

Kids and adults were invited  so we had parlor games for them first. Then it was time to eat. It's a good thing the foods were enough and everybody were able to eat. The second part of the program was the giving of the 7 roses, 7 gifts, 7 balloons and 7 wishes for the celebrant. The opening of gifts made her happy too. She got lots of gifts this time including cash. Her previous birthdays, she didn't have gifts to open and she was complaining to her mom why she didn't give her any gift to open. Her mom answered that her gifts to her were the foods she prepared, ha-ha! Mine was the cake I bought for her but she said she wanted gifts in a bag or box so she can have something to open. Her wish was fulfilled this time.


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