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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vernice Julia Turns Seven and Why Do We Celebrate 7th Birthday

In my previous post, I wrote about Vernice Julia's birthday celebration and posted a few photos. I still have a lot of photos that I want to post but I was so sleepy last night while blogging that's why I decided to make another post and share more of Vernice's photos. Although I am going to post the pics in my FB account, I want to write and post it first here in my blog.

Kids nowadays are so blessed. When I was a kid my parents could not afford to celebrate my birthday and so with my 3 others siblings. I was already in college when I started celebrating my birthday. That's the reason why I want my niece to have a memorable birthday as she turns 7 so she have some memories to reminisce as she grow older. I don't know why and when did Filipinos started to celebrate 7th birthday like a debut style. When I was a kid, I never remember attending a fancy and big 7th birthday celebration. Unlike my niece Vernice, who was invited to a few 7th birthday celebrations. That's the reason she told her mom that she wanted to have the same big 7th birthday celebration on her 7th birthday. Only both of her parents were adamant to do it. They just wanted to make it simple because they don't wanna fuss and also they were thinking of the expenses.

Me, being the loving aunt, I want my niece to experience what I was not able to experience when I was a kid. It's a good thing both parents finally agreed to give Vernice a big and memorable celebration. I saw the happiness in my niece's eyes and I was so happy to see her had a good time with her friends and loved ones on her special day.

I did my research why do Filipinos celebrate 7th birthday. I understand if they celebrate it big on the 1st and 18th birthday but why 7? Here are the reasons:

1. Seven is a lucky number as in Lucky 7? So the Chinese celebrate the 8th birthday?

2. Seven years is the time when a baby is "no longer a baby" and passes to boyhood/girlhood? Same way a girl becomes a woman on her 18th birthday and a boy becomes a man on his 21st birthday

3. Seven years of age is a milestone when we enter the elementary grades. But with K+12, there's the mandatory kindergarten so this should be lowered to 6? :P

4. It's a tradition even during the Spanish times though there's no authoritative source for this one when the tradition started and where it began

5. It's based on the Bible; the biblical tradition that the number seven signifies completeness or perfection. You know there were seven days of creation (Genesis), the seven cattle in the dreams of the Pharaoh, the seven branches of the menorah (the lamp stand inside the tabernacle), the seven plaids of Samson's locks, seven devils of Mary Magdalene, seven deadly sins, the Pentecost as seven times seven days after Passover, even the seventy elders of Israel, Israelites exile for 70 years in Babylon, and the seventy times seven you need to forgive people who trespassed against you.

No actual reason but Filipinos celebrate the traditional seventh birthday without knowing the real reason and true meaning and significance of the event. They just do it because others are doing it. Copycat you may say. Others do it just for fun and to bond with friends and loved ones.

Anyway, here are some more photos of Vernice that I wanna share. Hope you have a good time viewing.

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