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Friday, July 31, 2015

Got Relieved...

For one month now, my stress is almost vanishing. The reason, I got a helper to do house chores. I have a gout in my fingers and my knees so when I cook and then wash dishes afterwards, the gout in my fingers is triggered. There was one time, I can't sleep at night because my left fingers were so painful. It felt like they were being cut by a knife. I was literally crying. I had to apply some liniment but no effect at all. I tried to boil with salt and soak my left hand but it didn't really help. I went to bed crying and I had little sleep. Pain subsided in the morning but every now and then, the pain come and go. Also when I stand for half an hour or so, I can hardly walk. I can't even squat or sit down with folded legs. I feel an excruciating pain in both my knees when my legs are folded.

I have been complaining to hubby about this and he told me to hire a helper/maid to help me in doing house chores. I don't know anybody whom we can afford to pay but I I kept praying to God for some time to send me a helper. I wanted a stay out maid, salary within our budget, who knows how to cook, do the dishes and clean the house while I do the laundry because we have an automatic washing machine, fold our clothes take care of my plants, do other chores and of course blogging.

And God answered my prayers after 2 years. I met Josefina or Jojo for short in the grocery store while hubby and I were buying groceries. She told me she just quit her job and is looking for another employer. She asked me if I want to hire her. We negotiated with her salary and she agreed with my offer so I hired her. She just live a few houses from where we live so she go home at night and come to work at 7:30 AM six days a week. I am satisfied with her work and she's a good cook. Hubby just gave her first salary today. I thank the Lord for an answered prayer.

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