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Friday, July 17, 2015

Clogged Ear

Summer is over and rainy season is here. Boy, was I happy! The past summer was the hottest summer ever. It made hubby and I sick due to the heat. We both had cough and colds and excessive sweating. To top it all, I had a clogged ear due to colds and sinusitis. The fluid went through my left ear which affected my hearing. It was worst than having colds and cough. I went to an ENT doctor and he told me that there is mucus inside my ear due to my colds. He prescribed me antibiotics, medicines for colds and acid reflux, nasal spray and ear drops which I took for a week. Then I went back to the doctor and told him those meds didn't help me at all. He prescribed more meds which I took for another week but still I got no relief.

I went to see another ENT specialist and he did post nasal drip to suck the mucus inside my nostrils. My sinuses got relieved. He also prescribed me antibiotics and some meds for colds and acid reflux. He told me that the fluid inside my ear will eventually go down and out from my Eustachian tube. He told me to see him after 2 weeks. I took my meds religiously for 2 weeks but still my ear was clogged. I felt so restless and it really sucks because my hearing became muffled. I didn't go back to the doctor because the meds he gave me didn't cure my colds and clogged ear. My money just went to waste.

I searched in the internet for natural remedies so I tried Valsalva maneuver and other ear equalization techniques. Then I tried ear candling a couple of times because I read some reviews and testimonials that it helped them popped their clogged ears but still nothing happened. Next I tried warm compress by putting a warm wash cloth in my affected ear for a few minutes. I tried it thrice. Still nothing happened. I even asked my step-daughter in the US to buy me an ear popper and send it to me because I read that it is very effective in popping the clogged ear but it takes a while to send it to me.

I prayed to God to heal me and remove the fluid in my ear. Hubby prayed for me too. Then I tried the steam inhalation by pouring hot steaming water in a large bowl or pot and added Vicks vaporub. I covered my head with a towel and inhaled the steam slowly for 10-15 minutes. I did this for 3 days and after that, my ear popped. I felt so relieved and happy. Finally, after 6 weeks, I can hear normally again. I thank God for the healing and for answering my prayers. To God be the glory!

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