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Friday, July 31, 2015

Best Security Monitoring Service

Securing Your Home From Unfriendly Intruders

It truly does make a difference whether you hire a reputable professional or a fly by night pretender to supervise your home's security. Hiring the wrong company can mean a long host of headaches, missed opportunities, and a lot of wasted money. It's much more economical to do the required research to find a company that will back up their claims with plenty of solid evidence - and solid action as well.

It Matters What Company You Choose For Security

For this reason, you'll need to employ an alarm monitoring company that is truly custom fitted to your specific needs as an individual and family head. If you're concerned for your home's safety during certain specific times of the day or night, it's vitally important that you ensure that your alarm will have monitoring at all times of the day, with especial regard to the hours you have specified.

How To Choose The Correct Security Monitoring Service

There are a number of ways that you can be sure that you have truly hired the best security monitoring service for your needs. For example, you can make a closely ordered list of questions or specific needs to put to the representative of the company that you speak with. If they can answer all of your questions in a clear and courteous manner, and explain to you exactly how they are prepared to answer all of your needs, you may well have found a reputable company that you can do business with.

How To Get The Service That You Paid For

It's important that you get the service you are paying for. It's even more important to know that the company you are dealing with is prepared to back up all of their claims with actual deeds. For example, if your home alarm goes off and no response comes from the company you are paying to monitor it, then you obviously are dealing with a fraudulent company, and should discontinue your association with them as soon as is conveniently possible.

The End Result Is What Matters Most

In the end, what matters most is the final result of all your research and economic outlay: The security of your home, your valuable possessions, and your family members. When you choose the company that monitor your home alarm, it's important to keep all of these vital considerations in mind.

Got Relieved...

For one month now, my stress is almost vanishing. The reason, I got a helper to do house chores. I have a gout in my fingers and my knees so when I cook and then wash dishes afterwards, the gout in my fingers is triggered. There was one time, I can't sleep at night because my left fingers were so painful. It felt like they were being cut by a knife. I was literally crying. I had to apply some liniment but no effect at all. I tried to boil with salt and soak my left hand but it didn't really help. I went to bed crying and I had little sleep. Pain subsided in the morning but every now and then, the pain come and go. Also when I stand for half an hour or so, I can hardly walk. I can't even squat or sit down with folded legs. I feel an excruciating pain in both my knees when my legs are folded.

I have been complaining to hubby about this and he told me to hire a helper/maid to help me in doing house chores. I don't know anybody whom we can afford to pay but I I kept praying to God for some time to send me a helper. I wanted a stay out maid, salary within our budget, who knows how to cook, do the dishes and clean the house while I do the laundry because we have an automatic washing machine, fold our clothes take care of my plants, do other chores and of course blogging.

And God answered my prayers after 2 years. I met Josefina or Jojo for short in the grocery store while hubby and I were buying groceries. She told me she just quit her job and is looking for another employer. She asked me if I want to hire her. We negotiated with her salary and she agreed with my offer so I hired her. She just live a few houses from where we live so she go home at night and come to work at 7:30 AM six days a week. I am satisfied with her work and she's a good cook. Hubby just gave her first salary today. I thank the Lord for an answered prayer.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Secure Your Home

A security system is essential for protecting a home or a business from intruders, as well as from a host of accidents. Your home or business are worth doing whatever you can to protect. Therefore, you should be willing to spend the money necessary to get a quality security system. There are an enormous amount of security systems on the market. Every company that makes these systems makes the claim that theirs is the best one. The difficult thing is actually determining which is the ideal system for your particular needs. All security systems are not the same. There are many different features to choose from. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a security company.

1. Experience

When it comes to alarm systems, you want the company you choose to have a great deal of experience. Ideally, you do not want to do business with a company that has less than three years of experience in the security industry. The logic being that if a company has been able to survive for at least three years in the very competitive security industry, there is a very good chance they know what they are doing. You will be able to find out how long most security system providers have been in business by simply looking at their website.

2. Options

Nowadays, security systems have many options to choose from. Along with standard glass break detection, many security systems can also detect smoke, carbon monoxide and many other things. There are security systems that come equipped with both interior and exterior cameras, as well as a monitoring service that will send police, EMS or the fire department to your home in the event of an emergency. It is also possible to control the lighting inside and outside of your home remotely, as well as view security cameras over the Internet. You should try to find a company that offers all of these selections. You do not have to choose all of these. You can select only the ones you need. PLE Group is an example of a company that offers all of these services and more.

3. Affordability

As you begin to shop around for security companies, you will start to see that the range of prices they charge for their services is quite large. This why you owe it to yourself to get price quotes from as many companies as you can.

Vernice Julia Turns Seven and Why Do We Celebrate 7th Birthday

In my previous post, I wrote about Vernice Julia's birthday celebration and posted a few photos. I still have a lot of photos that I want to post but I was so sleepy last night while blogging that's why I decided to make another post and share more of Vernice's photos. Although I am going to post the pics in my FB account, I want to write and post it first here in my blog.

Kids nowadays are so blessed. When I was a kid my parents could not afford to celebrate my birthday and so with my 3 others siblings. I was already in college when I started celebrating my birthday. That's the reason why I want my niece to have a memorable birthday as she turns 7 so she have some memories to reminisce as she grow older. I don't know why and when did Filipinos started to celebrate 7th birthday like a debut style. When I was a kid, I never remember attending a fancy and big 7th birthday celebration. Unlike my niece Vernice, who was invited to a few 7th birthday celebrations. That's the reason she told her mom that she wanted to have the same big 7th birthday celebration on her 7th birthday. Only both of her parents were adamant to do it. They just wanted to make it simple because they don't wanna fuss and also they were thinking of the expenses.

Me, being the loving aunt, I want my niece to experience what I was not able to experience when I was a kid. It's a good thing both parents finally agreed to give Vernice a big and memorable celebration. I saw the happiness in my niece's eyes and I was so happy to see her had a good time with her friends and loved ones on her special day.

I did my research why do Filipinos celebrate 7th birthday. I understand if they celebrate it big on the 1st and 18th birthday but why 7? Here are the reasons:

1. Seven is a lucky number as in Lucky 7? So the Chinese celebrate the 8th birthday?

2. Seven years is the time when a baby is "no longer a baby" and passes to boyhood/girlhood? Same way a girl becomes a woman on her 18th birthday and a boy becomes a man on his 21st birthday

3. Seven years of age is a milestone when we enter the elementary grades. But with K+12, there's the mandatory kindergarten so this should be lowered to 6? :P

4. It's a tradition even during the Spanish times though there's no authoritative source for this one when the tradition started and where it began

5. It's based on the Bible; the biblical tradition that the number seven signifies completeness or perfection. You know there were seven days of creation (Genesis), the seven cattle in the dreams of the Pharaoh, the seven branches of the menorah (the lamp stand inside the tabernacle), the seven plaids of Samson's locks, seven devils of Mary Magdalene, seven deadly sins, the Pentecost as seven times seven days after Passover, even the seventy elders of Israel, Israelites exile for 70 years in Babylon, and the seventy times seven you need to forgive people who trespassed against you.

No actual reason but Filipinos celebrate the traditional seventh birthday without knowing the real reason and true meaning and significance of the event. They just do it because others are doing it. Copycat you may say. Others do it just for fun and to bond with friends and loved ones.

Anyway, here are some more photos of Vernice that I wanna share. Hope you have a good time viewing.

Barber School

The economy has not been good for several years now. Many people are out of work. Steady jobs are few and far between. Therefore, if you are looking to start a new career, you need to seriously think about how steady the job will be. Is there a demand for it? You do not want to waste your time and money going to school to learn a profession that will be hard to find a job in once you graduate. Unfortunately, many people do not put enough thought into the future prospects of the careers they choose to pursue. Consider a career as a barber. There are many benefits to getting into this line of work. Here are just a few of them.

1. You will always be able to find work

You need to choose a profession that will always be in high demand. Barbering is such a profession. People will always need to get their hair cut. Therefore, you will always be able to find employment, no matter how bad the economy is in the region where you are living. It is very steady work, especially when you consider that you do not need to get a standard four-year college degree to become a barber. If the worst case scenario happens and the barber shop you are working in goes out of business, there are many other places who will immediately hire a skilled barber. This means you will not be unemployed for a long time.

2. Learning to become a barber does not take long

It goes without saying that you want to start earning money as quickly as possible. Who could blame you? The good news is that you will not need to devote four or six years of your life to earning a college degree. Graduating from a respected barber school like the Ron King Academy will not take nearly as long. You will be able to get your career up and running much sooner, allowing you to start putting money in your pocket, instead of spending it on endless college tuition.

3. Great career opportunities

Once you become a barber, you will have some career options. You can work in a traditional barber shop. However, if you have loftier career aspirations, you can open a barber shop of your own. This will allow you to keep a greater percentage of your profits. The sky is the limit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vernice Julia's 7th Birthday

Time really flies so fast. My niece Vernice  just turned 7 yesterday. The baby who was only 6 months old when hubby and I got here in my homeland celebrated her 7th birthday last Saturday. She was so happy and she kept telling me that she was so excited. while she was changing into her pink gown. I told her that I'm happy that she's happy. Her parents didn't really wanted her to have a debut style celebration but long before her birthday, she kept telling me and hubby of her birthday. She was excited and she was having a countdown. She was so sweet to hubby and she always gave him hugs and kisses. She knows how to win his heart. So I told hubby that we gonna help so she can have a memorable birthday, not a lavish one, just so she can have a memorable birthday. Her past birthdays were just for the family and close neighbors. Nothing fancy except her 1st birthday. The reason was that her 1st birthday and dedication to the Lord were celebrated at the same time. It's like killing two birds in one stone. 

My brother made a birthday design for the tarpaulin and I was the one who paid to have it printed. I made some lumpia and gelatin-fruit salad or we call it agar-agar. I bought the small 7 balloons and also the prizes for the games and the give aways for the kids. Hubby bought the cake and paid for the beef for caldereta. The rest of the foods like the spaghetti, pancit, macaroni salad, ground pork (giniling) and fried chicken legs were courtesy of Vernice's parents. They also rented a videoke to the delight of Vernice but it attracted some kids and adults and they came though they were not invited. Only in the Philippines. Hubby said maybe it's one of those times that they can  have a decent meal.

My sister-in-law Marlyn volunteered to clean the carport for the venue and decorated it too. She made a stage for Vernice and she really transformed our messy and cluttered carport. She really did a good job. She also volunteered to help in washing the dishes.  What a relief. The hair and make-up of Vernice was courtesy of Rose.

Kids and adults were invited  so we had parlor games for them first. Then it was time to eat. It's a good thing the foods were enough and everybody were able to eat. The second part of the program was the giving of the 7 roses, 7 gifts, 7 balloons and 7 wishes for the celebrant. The opening of gifts made her happy too. She got lots of gifts this time including cash. Her previous birthdays, she didn't have gifts to open and she was complaining to her mom why she didn't give her any gift to open. Her mom answered that her gifts to her were the foods she prepared, ha-ha! Mine was the cake I bought for her but she said she wanted gifts in a bag or box so she can have something to open. Her wish was fulfilled this time.


Friday, July 17, 2015

How Exercising Is Impacted By The Way You Breathe

Breathing technique is often overlooked when exercising, as people assuming they are breathing correctly, or feel it's not really as big of an impact on their routine. Yet, proper breathing allows your body to more readily deliver oxygen to your muscles, more easily burn fat through oxidation and increases your stamina. It's clear that a lot more attention should be paid to breathing whenever you're exercising. Breathing correctly can help you in numerous ways, such as reducing your blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety by lowering hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol, improve mental performance and brain health, and balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. There's many things for the more athletic among us can do to improve their overall breathing, and enable their body to achieve these benefits. When exercising most people chronically hyperventilate. They do this as a reaction to feelings of fatigue, feelings of lack of oxygen, and oftentimes they are not breathing deeply which actually makes our bodies react to what it perceives as too little oxygen intake. Mouth and nose breathing differ dramatically on blood oxygenation as well as fatigue prevention and hormone balance. If you breathe through your nose, you typically breathe more deeply, and this helps you to metabolize stored fat.

Inefficient Breathing - Telltale Signs

There are several ways you can tell if you're incorrectly breathing including: frequent signing, upper chest breathing, taking large breaths before speaking, erratic breathing, and mouth breathing. These have all been shown to have detrimental effects on your body. Over 50 peer-reviewed papers were analyzed recently by Dr. Buteyko and it was found that those who had these signs had adverse hormone levels, under oxygenation and fatigue far more than those which did not.

Correcting Deeply Engrained Passive Behaviors

Our breathing is one of those things we've been doing forever, usually without a second thought. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to change, and takes some seriously concerted effort to do so. As indicated previously, breathing through your nose is one of the most important things to change, and fundamental for proper breathing during exercise, but also during any normal activity. Nose breathing allows for you to absorb nitric oxide, which is naturally produced in your nose in small quantities. This beneficial gas helps to maintain homeostasis, the balance in your body, and has antibacterial properties as well. In addition to these factors, breathing through your nose helps to normalize breath volume, ensuring you are taking in roughly the same amount of air during each breath. Changing this behavior, however, is a challenge. It takes significant effort and time devotion to change your body's natural breathing to another method. There are several exercises you can do, however, to do so.

Diaphramatic Breathing

Becoming aware of the breaths you take, and how you take them, is the first step to improving your breathing. A practice called abdominal breathing can help you significantly to change your technique. A couple of times per day (it's easiest before and after your workout) you should take time to practice your breathing. Place a hand on your chest while lying face up on your back. Focus on taking slow, regular breaths through your nose. Do this for at least 5 minutes. This is a perfect thing for your warm-up, prior to starting your workout. It has the added benefit of reducing stress, decreasing hormone concentrations in your body (for things like cortisol) and helps your muscles metabolize fat more easily. This definitely will help you with your exercise, and also help you to build more muscle, burn fat, and decrease your anxiety simultaneously. In addition to this pre and post workout routine, you also want to make sure you're breathing through your nose during your entire workout. Be mindful of how you're breathing and ensure that you don't breathe through your mouth much. If you do, you should slow down the intensity of your workout. This prevents your blood pressure and heart rate from increasing, both caused by mouth breathing.

Clogged Ear

Summer is over and rainy season is here. Boy, was I happy! The past summer was the hottest summer ever. It made hubby and I sick due to the heat. We both had cough and colds and excessive sweating. To top it all, I had a clogged ear due to colds and sinusitis. The fluid went through my left ear which affected my hearing. It was worst than having colds and cough. I went to an ENT doctor and he told me that there is mucus inside my ear due to my colds. He prescribed me antibiotics, medicines for colds and acid reflux, nasal spray and ear drops which I took for a week. Then I went back to the doctor and told him those meds didn't help me at all. He prescribed more meds which I took for another week but still I got no relief.

I went to see another ENT specialist and he did post nasal drip to suck the mucus inside my nostrils. My sinuses got relieved. He also prescribed me antibiotics and some meds for colds and acid reflux. He told me that the fluid inside my ear will eventually go down and out from my Eustachian tube. He told me to see him after 2 weeks. I took my meds religiously for 2 weeks but still my ear was clogged. I felt so restless and it really sucks because my hearing became muffled. I didn't go back to the doctor because the meds he gave me didn't cure my colds and clogged ear. My money just went to waste.

I searched in the internet for natural remedies so I tried Valsalva maneuver and other ear equalization techniques. Then I tried ear candling a couple of times because I read some reviews and testimonials that it helped them popped their clogged ears but still nothing happened. Next I tried warm compress by putting a warm wash cloth in my affected ear for a few minutes. I tried it thrice. Still nothing happened. I even asked my step-daughter in the US to buy me an ear popper and send it to me because I read that it is very effective in popping the clogged ear but it takes a while to send it to me.

I prayed to God to heal me and remove the fluid in my ear. Hubby prayed for me too. Then I tried the steam inhalation by pouring hot steaming water in a large bowl or pot and added Vicks vaporub. I covered my head with a towel and inhaled the steam slowly for 10-15 minutes. I did this for 3 days and after that, my ear popped. I felt so relieved and happy. Finally, after 6 weeks, I can hear normally again. I thank God for the healing and for answering my prayers. To God be the glory!
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