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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nightswimming At San Fabian Beach

After watching the fight of Pacquiao and Mayweather and was so disgusted with the result, we went to the beach to cool down. We left the house around 4:30 PM and we headed to the nearest beach which is San Fabian. We planned to have a night swimming so we brought with us some clothes and of course some foods. My brother Celso and family and Jhun and wifey went with us. Actually, it was Jhun's idea to go so we went in his truck.

When we reached the beach, there were still a bunch of people there though it was already late afternoon. We looked for a cottage to rent and we already expected that it's pricey now because it's summer season. At first the owner wanted P300 but we haggle of course because it's already late afternoon and so we got the cottage for P200. Right after we took our things to the cottage everybody went to the beach. The water was warm and the sun was already going down. It's the best time to go swimming during this time. Hubby was liking it. Did I tell that he love the beach and prefer it than going to a resort? My niece Vernice was enjoying too.

Then all of a sudden, here comes the rain. So we were swimming in the beach under the rain. It's the first rain in the month of May. It was so relaxing. The warm water soothed my painful knees Gotta have to do this more often. It was already dark when we finally got up and went back to the cottage and ate supper. We were so hungry and so we ate till our bellies got full and heavy, hehe! Then hubby and I went to shower but the rest went back again swimming. When they got tired, they all went to shower. Then we loaded our things in the truck, paid the cottage rent courtesy of hubby and we headed back home.


Rocks said...

Ang mura ng cottage Manang..pang overnight na ba yun?

Lisa said...

@Rocks, mura ang cottage dahil hapon na at hindi yon overnight. Mga 3 hours lang kami. During daytime, that cottage is rented 1k according to the owner.

Rocks said...

ah for 3 hours lang pala ...Thank you for the info Manang. God bless!!

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