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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hot Summer

It's summer time here in my native land and it's the hottest summer ever. This morning, hubby drove our van and we went to the market in the next town. He parked the van in the parking area and both of us went to the wet market to buy meat and fish. We bought beef and sliced dorado fish, and one kilo squid. Then we got a dozen eggs and hubby went back to the van with the stuffs we bought while I went to buy some veggies. I went back to the van and hubby's face was turning reddish because of the heat. I told him we have to go to the newly opened grocery store to buy some groceries. It's just a few meters from where we were parked.

It was so cool inside and it felt so good. Hubby and I took the time to shop and bought what we need, mostly groceries, some bread, laundry soap and some fruits. When we checked out, our bill was over 3k. Groceries at "Save More" are higher than the other groceries where we usually go that's why I call it "Spend More" instead. Of course we didn't pay cash, we seldom do. We used plastic money, (debit card) he-he! We took the groceries to the van with one of the baggers pushing the cart. Then we went to eat lunch at the food court. A lot of eateries to choose from. Hubby loved the embutido that I bought there so before we left, I went to buy two rolls of pork embutido. He was all smiles!

Back to the van which was under the sun, it was like we were inside the oven. OMG, it was too hot for me and hubby! He turned the AC on but still the heat was almost unbearable so he turned the AC off and opened the windows instead. The drive back home seemed like forever. I felt so uneasy and hot and weak. It's like I was having a heat stroke. I kept drinking my water and it helped a little. When we reached home, I got out of the van so quick and went inside the house, turned the AC and fans on in our bedroom and drink more water. I felt relieved afterwards. I told hubby, I don't wanna go out again in this hot weather. I'd rather stay home. I wanted to go on vacation but I have to postpone. I wish it's the ber month again.

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