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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Visiting Pantabangan Dam

Last Wednesday, we were invited by my sis-in-law Marlyn to her hometown in Rizal, Nueva Ecija. She told me that it's just 20 minutes away to Pantabangan Dam. Upon hearing that, I suggested that we will have to go there since I haven't seen that place. So we left our house at 7am and we reached Rizal around 9:30am. Marlyn's brother and nephew were waiting on us in Rizal and they were our guide in going to Pantabangan Dam. On the road, we were amazed of the zigzag road and some mountains. It reminded us of Baguio City.

When we reached the place, our tour guide talked to the 2 guards and then they let us in. The Pantabangan Dam, the cleanest in the country and acclaimed as the second largest dam in Asia generates 112 megawatts of hydroelectric power and supplies the irrigation requirements of about 77,000 hectares of agricultural lands in Central Luzon.

It was past 10AM and it was already hot. We just went to take some photos. Had we been there earlier, we could have went to the fishing lake where they catch and sell fish. My hubby didn't even want to walk under the blaring heat of the sun. I had to call him a few times to come and and have picture taking with us.

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