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Monday, March 9, 2015

Perfect Vacations That Cost Very Little

In case you hadn’t noticed I thought I’d remind you about something - Summer is finally, at long last, just around the corner! Well ... almost. :) Personally, although I love Christmas I DO NOT like the cold… In fact I could teach Eskimos a thing or two about how to keep warm! But enough about that – back to SUMMER!!!

I always like to plan a vacation because it not only gives the whole family something to look forward to; it also gives them something to remember in years to come. And something which few people realize is that it is possible to plan an entire vacation that doesn’t cost much more than your normal day to day living.

First you need to plan the TYPE of holiday you want to have. Whether you’re going camping in the wilderness or sunning yourself next to a pool near the ocean you can search online for coupons and other discounts, like those you can find on Discountrue, to save on getting all the gear you may need for your trip. From beach towels and sunscreen to camping stoves and tents, with a little research you can get special deals on just about anything.

When planning your destination opt for self catering options over bed and breakfasts or hotels. Not only is the accommodation going to be cheaper but you’ll be taking along your own food and drink. Food and drink which you’ll buy with the coupons that you would be using even if you stayed at home! Another option for saving on your holiday food bill is to find hotels where kids eat and stay for free.

There are tons of online travel sites where one can compare prices, find cheaper options for all aspects of the trip from accommodation to airfare and also take advantage of some amazing package deals.

But remember – a little bit of spontaneity opens the door to the best travel deals and with sites like Discountrue catering for exactly that – there will always be a perfect deal that you can take advantage of!

And for the days that you’re not actually away? Look local! You’d be amazed at how much is going on right in your own backyard from participating in conservation efforts and free events to the relatively cheap thrill of local museums and art galleries.

If you’ll excuse me now – I’m going to unpack my summer wardrobe now and start planning what my family is going to be doing this summer!

Then I will sit down and relax, drink my favorite coffee while reading The New York Times.

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