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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas In Baguio

Happy New Year to all my readers here. I've been meaning to write some posts but I haven't been able to do so. I've been lagging behind regarding my posts. We celebrated Christmas in Baguio with my loved ones. I haven't written about it yet. We went up to Baguio a day before Christmas and spent Christmas day there at the house of my brother-in-law. My brother Celso and family went with us too. We are so thankful that Jhun invited us to go with them. His dad, sis and niece are like family to us, very hospitable and accommodating people. They always make us feel at home.

On Christmas, as usual, we had our noche buena together. We started it with prayer and then we sang happy birthday to Jesus. They prepared delicious foods, some were home-made and some were bought in a restaurant. Their next door neighbor also shared some foods that he prepared and vice versa. It's like exchange foods, lol! Foods were all yummy and I think I gained some pounds after supper. Anyway, let these photos do the talking. There were some foods that were not in the pics.

After our Noche Buena was the opening of Christmas gifts. We had some kitchen utensils from Jhun and Rose and glass wares from Glo and a cash money from ninong brown George, Jhun's dad. The kids had a blast opening their gifts. They got the most gifts of course! Christmas is more for the kids anyway.

On Christmas day, we went to SM and buy some groceries to take home to the lowland. The mall was so crowded. Hubby said people were coming out of woodwork. Here's some proof.

A bunch of people were still shopping, dining and guess what, picture taking. Hubby and I joined in the crowd and snapped some pics at the inspired Disney's Frozen display. Looks like we were in winter wonderland, lol! Whoever thought of that really did a good job!

We didn't stay long in the grocery store. Hubby hate crowded places. After buying what we came for, we went to get a taxi. The thing is, we had to fall in a very long line in the mall just to get a taxi. We waited patiently until it was our turn to get a taxi and went home. At around 10PM we headed back home to the lowland.

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