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Monday, December 22, 2014

Cowhide Rugs - for Your Wooden and Stone Flooring

After years of being dissatisfied with your carpeted floors, you finally made a change. You may have purchased some new beautiful wood floors, stone floors, or a combination of the two. Although, you are ecstatic about your new flooring, you feel like something is still missing. If you can relate to this scenario, consider decorating your new floor coverings with stylish cowhide rugs.

Natural Beauty

The natural attractiveness of wood floors and stone floors is unmistakable. These types of flooring add value, style, and sophistication to any home. However, without some accents, they can look rather dull. Thankfully, with the right d├ęcor, you can add visual interest to new wood and stone floors. A stunning cowhide rug is the perfect choice for accomplishing this task. Like wood and stone floors, this type of floor covering boasts natural beauty. These completely natural rugs will instantly add warmth and texture to your living space.


Many types of rugs start wearing out almost as quickly as you lay them on your floors. Daily foot traffic produces unsightly snags, loose strings, and knots in them. Unlike other kinds of rugs, floor coverings made out of cow hide are very durable. They will hold up to the daily beating that your family and pets give them. Cleaning them is also a breeze. When every day spills and staining occurs, simply blot the rug with a wet cloth. To remove dust and dirt, you will also need to periodically take your rugs outside and shake them out.


Do you or any of your other family members suffer from agonizing allergies? If allergies are a constant uncomfortable reality in your family, you might believe that decorating your home with cow skin rugs is not an option. Fortunately, these stylish home furnishings are specifically constructed to be hypo-allergenic. Regardless of whether you are normally allergic to animal products, you should be able to enjoy these accents in your home.


You may think that rugs made out of cowhide only look appropriate in ranch homes or country estates. Actually, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you live in a suburban townhouse, a farmhouse, or a high rise condo, this type of rug will look amazing on your floors. You can also find a rug that will match your unique style preferences. Besides the traditional black and white or brown and white patterns, you can buy cowhide rugs in many different colors and designs. You can even purchase a different one for every room in your home.

If you want to turn your place into a show home, you need to consider filling it with cowhide rugs. These must have home furnishings offer natural beauty, durability, and adaptability. Cowhide rugs are even hypo-allergenic. So, everyone can enjoy the style and sophistication that this type of rug provides.

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