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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blessings From A Friend

It's Christmas season once again and I am so blessed beyond measure to receive a lot of gifts from a friend. God really uses people to bless me and hubby. This morning around past 9AM, I got my ipad and checked my FB. I usually check my FB at night because I am busy doing chores during daytime but maybe God has been leading me to open my FB early morning. I had a message in my inbox and when I opened it, I saw a message from Cora, one of my friends from Texas who is on vacation in her hometown in Angeles City. She wanted to see me in Manaoag and they're on their way already. Had I not opened my FB, I would have not read Cora's message and I would have missed the chance to see her.

I was supposed to supervise the guy I hired to paint our front gate but then I just instructed him what to do. I asked my hubby to drive me to Manaoag church but he suggested to ask my youngest brother to drive for us. We stopped by in our town plaza to buy some tupig to give to my friend. Laoac is known for its yummy tupig. In fact even my hubby love it. At around past 11AM we were on our way to our meeting place and after waiting for a few minutes at the back of the church, we met Cora and her family having their lunch at one of the sheds there. She didn't waste time, she went to their van and gave me my "pasalubong" or let's say Christmas gifts. She opened 3 bags full of different stuffs and I was so overwhelmed! She said her balikbayan boxes that she shipped here in the Philippines just arrived yesterday. She really gave me a bunch of different stuffs. Let these pictures do the talking.

She used to give me pasalubong everytime she comes here but not as much as this time. She even remembered to buy a few things for Vernice. I bet my li'l girl would be very happy to receive her pink school bag and crayons. It's like I went shopping to BX or Clark but only these were all free. I was really blown away! I told my friend that she's like Santa Clause who granted my Christmas wishes. Her hubby was just smiling. My hubby and I were so flabbergasted with Cora's generosity.

What a blessing to have a friend who share her blessings to her friends. I will always be very grateful to friends like her. I am so incredibly blessed! God is really good. Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                                       Cora and I

                                                              Cora, me and hubby

                                                          hubby, me, Cora and her hubby

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