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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shopping At Zalora

I've been reading quite a few posts of fellow bloggers who shopped online at Zalora. Most of their reviews are positive so I got interested to shop from them too. But it took a while before I finally have the time to put my order. Actually, this is a late post because I got my orders a couple of weeks ago. It took only a week after I ordered online before my orders were delivered to me. I live in the province so it took that long but if you are from Manila, in about 3 days, you will receive your orders.

I bought me a dress, a long blouse and a pair of flat sandals. Shipping is 100 pesos if your purchase is less than 1k and it's free if your purchase is 1k and up. All of the stuffs that I bought were on sale and I also got a coupon so I think I had a good deal. Shopping at Zalora is easy as can be. You can pay online using credit card or you can pay COD (cash on delivery). I chose the latter even though I have a debit card.

Below are the stuffs that I shopped at Zalora.

I will post here next time some pics of mine wearing these stuffs that I bought so you can see how it fit me. I promise it will be in my next post so bear with me.

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