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Monday, June 30, 2014

Shop and Pose

I wrote in my previous post that I shopped for some clothes and a flat sandals online from Zalora. I promised that I will post here some photos wearing those stuffs. It took me 2 weeks after I got my package before I finally posted this here because I was not in the mood to change and pose in front of the camera. Laziness sets in again. But yesterday morning I decided to wear the dress and the flat sandals in going to church. I was worried it might not fit me because I gained weight. I ordered small size instead of medium but to my surprise it fit me well. The sandals fit my feet comfortably. I have no regrets buying it. When we got home from church, I asked hubby to take some pics of me before I change my clothes. I had to literally forced him to do it because he was watching tv and he was too lazy to take some pics of me. He said he'll take one but I said five because I will post it here in my blog. He did it unwillingly. Lazy bone, lol! Below are the pics he took.

This dress looks like a blouse and skirt but it's not. The black skirt is actually sewn and attached to the blouse so it's really a dress. I was wearing my black flat sandals as well which I bought from Zalora.

I changed my outfit and I put on the other blouse that I bought from Zalora and I paired it with black leggings. This time I called my 5 year old niece Vernice to be my photographer. I was really desperate to have my pics taken, lol! I had to teach her how to use my DSLR. She learned fast and took my photos with a smile. I think she is better than hubby, isn't she? So there you go. I'm done with my pictorials. I hope you didn't get tired looking at my ugly countenance. As I wrote earlier, I have no regrets buying from Zalora and I think I will buy from them again next time. 

This is supposed to be a mini dress but since I don't wear a dress above the knee, I had to pair it with  leggings I think this get up make me look so chubby. I had to shed off those unwanted pounds soon. This is the reason I bought some new clothes because my old clothes are shrinking, lol!

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