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Monday, May 26, 2014

Lunch Time

It's been a while since I updated this blog of mine. I've  been too lazy lately to blog maybe because of the heat. Besides, hubby and I have been busy visiting daily the electrical installation being done in our new church building. My youngest brother is the one doing the work and we have to furnish his snacks 2x a day. We are always praying that God will provide the finances to complete His house of worship. There are still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Today, hubby drove me to the city so I can pay our internet bill and also pay my dues in Avon. My 5 year old niece Vernice tagged along. It's been a while since she went with us. After I settled my dues, we went to have lunch at CB mall. I let hubby choose which restaurant he wanted to dine, Shakey's or Hap Chan. He chose the later because of their fried squid. That is hubby's favorite dish at Hap Chan. They have the best fried squid in town and in all the restaurants that we've been to, theirs is the best. Super tender, yummy to the tummy really. Even Vernice love it to death, lol! Hubby ordered the fried rice yang chao and I got their beef with chinese noodles. Their servings are good for 2-3 persons. Hubby ordered the bottomless iced tea, just plain water for me and Vernice. The waiter asked Vernice if she wants to order an ice cream and  she said yes right away, lol! So she ordered the chocolate vanilla sundae and that's it. Hubby and I didn't order any dessert because we're both overweight already. We need to slow down on sweets.

It was a very satisfying lunch for us. We all enjoyed the foods especially the fried squid. The Chinese noodles with beef is just so-so. There's nothing special about it and we didn't finish it off unlike the fried squid. It was a hit and nothing was left, lol!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Wish I'm A Linguist

I can only speak two languages and that includes Tagalog and English. Tagalog is my native language while English is my second language. English is one of our subjects that we studied from grade school until college. While in college, we had Spanish subjects and I can say that most of their words are similar to my native language. I had a good time learning it. I just wished that we had a French subject too in college so I could have been a linguist. Now that's wishful thinking, wink! I know that those who belong to the elite go to school to learn French. Good for them, they can afford to pay and also travel the world.

One country in my bucket list is Canada. I learned that Canada has two official languages namely English and French. The government in Canada encourages bilingualism and most Canadians can speak both English and French languages. To conduct business in Canada, you should know both languages. To reach a French-Canadian audience or conduct business in Canada, one should rely on the professional translation services like Rosetta Translation and choose a French translator with experience in that market. Using professional French to English and English to French translation services result to a better business. You will get more customers because people are more likely to buy from a company which is offering its products in the customer's native language. Rosetta Translation offers value, quality and service to their clients. You are guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the result as you will receive one of the most professional French translations available. Feel free to contact them and try their services.

At Puerto Paraiso

It was a spur of the moment decision when we went to the resort for night swimming more than a week ago. Hubby didn't go because he said he's not a night person. I know he's not very fond of going to resorts. He prefers going to the beach. So at around 5:30 PM, off we went to the resort with my 2 brothers, SIL, niece, nephews, BIL and his wife. Puerto Paraiso is just 12 minutes drive from our house. It's located along the highway in Binalonan. We brought with us some foods for our supper. The owner of the resort is the ninang of my brother Celso and his wife Vivian and also Jhun and Violy's ninang during their wedding. What a coincidence or just pure luck that she was there that time and she gave all of us free entrance fee and free use of the cottage! That was very nice of her. We saved Php650 all in all for the fees.

We ate first our supper and after we ate, we all went to the swimming pool. There were quite a few people swimming in the 2 pools. We tried both of the pools. The water was lukewarm due to the hot weather and it was soothing to the skin. We stayed there until past 9:00 PM and we were the last group to depart.

It was my 2nd time to go to that resort. The first time was 2 and a half years ago during the water baptism of four of our church members. My hubby went with us that time because he was the one who baptized them. Here are some pics taken that time at the same resort. The view looks better during daytime.

The entrance fee in Puerto Paraiso is Php50 per person, rent of small cottage is Php200, big cottage is Php500. Very affordable price isn't it?
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