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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trade Fair in Lingayen

I love going to trade fairs and this time I got the chance to attend one in Lingayen, in the province of Pangasinan. Our town Laoac is one of the participants and my brother and his wife, being employees in the town hall went there with their co-workers last week so I asked if I can go with them. It's a good thing that there was a space for me in the municipal vehicle so off we went. It was noontime when we went so it was awfully hot. Though the Pajero's AC was on, I was sweating a lot. When we arrived in the venue, we went straight to the booth of Laoac. They were selling local products of our town like tupig, bakya, patupat, molasses, fresh milk, spiced vinegar and the best selling sugar cane juice. Customers fall in line to buy the fresh sugar cane juice owned by our town mayor.

We roamed around to see what the other stalls offer. There were various food products, handicrafts, furnitures, plants and what have you. I bought a wooden garlic crusher for Php130, wooden chopping board for Php80, wooden ladle and wooden frying spatula for Php50 each. I also bought a bottle of garlic chips for Php75 and a grafted American lemon plant for Php130 and it has already flowers. Sorry I forgot to take photos of these 3 items.

Here are some more pics I took and to be honest, I was sweating profusely because of the heat. My face was shiny and reddish and I didn't feel comfy while I was under the sun. It was best to go there late afternoon or early evening. My brother and I had to eat halu-halo to feel refreshed. We went home early evening but more and more people were arriving. BTW, the trade fair will last until May 10th.

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