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Thursday, April 3, 2014

HCG Diet Is What Hubby and I Need

Hubby's clothes and my clothes are all shrinking! I really don't know what to do to lose those excess pounds that we both gained for the past couple of years. Since we got back home from Texas and we started to take those nutritional supplements and vitamins that we brought home, that's the time that we both began to expand. I gained 18 pounds and hubby gained over 30 pounds. Whoa! It's so easy to gain weight but hard to lose it. I've tried to exercise and sometimes go on a diet but I was not consistent so I have a yo-yo diet and same with hubby. It's so hard to control our cravings and hunger pangs. Both of us want to lose weight and keep it off for good. We tried to take some slimming tea and capsules but it didn't work for us. We keep asking friends what's the best way to lose weight. I know there are lots of people with the same problem. Some were successful in their plight to lose weight but some were not.

Just imagine my joy when I came across this HCG Diet, a safe, natural and effective method backed by science in losing weight. HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin, and is a nature hormone found in the body of a pregnant woman. It has also been found to reduce the feelings of hunger and help curve appetites. Wow! This is what hubby and I need to lose weight. Hubby need it more than me though. I have to tell him to check on this site, so he will have an idea how HCG drops work. Maybe after browsing this site, he will have the will and determination to go on a diet. He really needs to because most of his clothes don't fit him no more. His closet is full but only few of his clothes fit him now.


Marie Clara said...

I know the feeling Ate. I've gained so much weight since I started taking Multivitamins and I'm hungry almost every now and then. I've read about HCG, and it's also what I need. Ipun-ipun muna kasi medyo pricey sya! hehehe.

Lisa said...

So vitamins is the culprit why we gained so much weight, lol! That's really the main reason. Like you, I always feel hungry too. Even at night I can't sleep when I'm hungry so I have to get up and eat. HCG seems like a good remedy to lose weight but like what you said we need to save to be able to buy it.

Maria G. said...

It is very important to keep fit not just to look attractive but to be healthy also. All you need is a correct diet. Just keep to it and in a few weeks you will see the result.

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