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Saturday, April 26, 2014

6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

When's the last time you changed your outdoor lighting? Most homeowners only install a patio light and then forget all about it, not realizing the wealth of style and security that could be enjoyed with a little consideration of exterior design. If you're ready to get rid of boring bulbs and dull overheads, here are six ways to try something new.

1: Light A Path

Soft lights will look great framing a gravel walkway or casting shadows against your stepping stones. They'll also prevent nighttime stumbling when you're laden with shopping bags or sleepy toddlers. Think about votives for longevity or lighting jars for style.

2: Embrace Asian Spirituality

Add a little oriental design to your garden by hanging lanterns and shoji lamps around your shrubbery. If you don't have the money for anything fancy, you can always string up a set of paper lanterns with fairy lights woven inside.

3: Go Green

Did you know you can use solar lights even at night? They'll harness energy from the sun during the day, then reflect it back to you once the sky darkens. If you'd like to become a little more eco-friendly in your lighting choices, look for lamps and lights that contain tiny photovoltaic panels.

4: Fire Up The Torches

Create ambiance with these slim yet striking light posts. Tiki torches can bring the beach to grilling and pool parties; stainless steel torches make good guiding lights along a country driveway. Gothic, iron-wrought torches will complement larger homes or those with unusual architecture.

5: Illuminate Your Deck

Outdoor deck lighting for your home can be achieved in several ways. For example, you might wrap electric lights around the railing. You might add pressure-sensitive lights to make the steps glow as you climb them. You might even deploy a few bug lights to keep the mosquitoes away while you're trying to relax on your deck and enjoy the outdoors.

6: Play With Matches

Candles are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add light to your yard. Buy them in bulk for a uniformed style and then simply place them on patio tables or around rock walls for regular intervals of light. They'll cast a gentle glow across your property without the harshness of florescent bulbs.

These are just six ways to spruce up your outdoor lighting. There are many more, so don't be afraid to experiment until you find something you like. The possibilities are endless once you embrace your inner Martha!

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