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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kenneth Rey Graduates

My oldest nephew, Kenneth Rey graduated from high school this morning. How time flies! As I see him march for graduation, I can't help myself but reminisce the past. I remember my late sister had a hard time when she was conceiving him being her first baby. She was always having a throw-up and when the doctor prescribed her medicine for it, she was always feeling sleepy. When my sis gave birth to him more than 16 years ago via caesarian section in Baguio Medical Center, he was born premature. My heart goes out to him when I saw him as the tiniest baby in the hospital's nursery. He had oxygen hose in his nose and they had to put him in the incubator for a few days before he was released from the hospital. My sister was released a few days  ahead of him.

My sister asked me to go with her in the hospital on the day they released Kenneth to take him home. I was the one who carried him because my sister's operation was not yet healed. Kenneth was so light and tiny. I remember, my sis told me that when her baby was sleeping, she had to watch him closely if he was still breathing. She was afraid her baby will not make it because of his condition. But the Lord watched over Kenneth and he grew up to be a fine and intelligent boy. His younger brother Mark Wendell and him are very close to each other. It's a sad thing that they lost their mom at a very young age, when Kenneth was in first year high school and Mark was in the 6th grade. It was my sister's wish to see Kenneth graduate from high school but the Lord saw it fit to call her home ahead.

On Kenneth's graduation, I really took time to attend and see him march for graduation. I want to show my love for him by being there and rejoice with him for his achievements. His loving dad, step-mom, younger brother and his grandpa, aunt and cousin came all the way from Baguio to see him graduate and  receive his diploma. He graduated as top 5 in his graduating class and was awarded Best in Science, Gifted Guitarist and Most Cooperative student. He was also given the highest Loyalty Award being the first student who studied in their school from Kindergarten until he graduated from high school. I was so proud of him. I know my sister is very happy in heaven  to see her son graduate from high school and go to the next level of his life. Next semester, Kenneth will be enrolling in Saint Louis University in Baguio to pursue his dream to become a computer engineer. It's my prayer that God will guide and direct Kenneth as he get his degree and become successful in life. I pray also that he will continue serving God and put Him first in everything he do.

This is my other nephew, Mark Wendell Aquino. He was the flag bearer during graduation. Next year he will graduate from high school too.

There was a simple celebration prepared after Kenneth's graduation. Kenneth's teachers and principal were invited for supper and some close family members. A goat was butchered and Ken's dad did the cooking. I was so amazed how one goat had fed a tribe!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roaming Around Laoac

Our town fiesta is over but it's only now that I managed to post these pics taken during our town fiesta here in my blog. I can't do anything when laziness sets in, lol! Anyways, on the 5th of March, my 2 SIL together with my 2 nieces went downtown to see what's up there. It's a walking distance from our house but since it was hot in the afternoon, I asked my hubby to give us a ride and he obliged and as soon as we got off, he went back home. The first thing that caught our eyes is the stall selling fresh sugar cane juice.

My SIL who is an employee in the town hall told me that it was owned by our town mayor. Being so generous, my sis-in-law ordered for all of us so we can try it. I know already how it tastes because when I was young, my siblings and I used to have this kind of sugar cane. We call it "madela" in our dialect. We didn't juice this thing before, instead we used our teeth to peel it, then chew it and suck the juice. Now, they use a juicer so it's a lot easier and faster to get the juice and drink it. Sorry I forgot to take a photo while they are juicing it because I was busy reading  its benefits posted in their counter. I didn't know that sugar cane has a lot of health benefits.

After juicing the sugar cane, they added some fresh "kamias" juice to balance its sweetness. Below are the benefits of kamias.

After drinking the fresh sugar cane with fresh kamias juice, we headed to the stalls selling bibingka, a native delicacy. No, we didn't buy, we just passed by and I took a photo. I should have taken a photo too of the stalls selling tupig, but then again, I forgot. Our town Laoac is known for its best tupig in Pangasinan.

We passed by these stalls selling flip-flops and clothes. We didn't buy flip-flops but we all bought some clothes of course.

On the way home, we passed by our town plaza and they're doing some finishing touches on the stage decorations for the search for Mr. & Miss Little Laoac 2014. Nosy as we are, we decided to stop by and take a look. Vivian and I together with the li'l girls went up the stage and took some photos. Marlyn stayed behind and just watched us. We loved the way they decorated the stage with all the different, colorful, fresh flowers. I was so impressed. The camera kept clicking. We had fun posing and taking pics.

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