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Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Ministry

It's been 5 years since hubby and I came back here in my homeland and started a ministry for the Lord. We started with 12 people and we held our Sunday services in our carport. We did it for a year until the Lord opened a door and we moved to a farming village where most of my distant kinfolks reside. We had our first VBS in 2010 and there were around 18 kids who attended. It was really a blessing to see those kids came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and there were 10 kids who got saved and baptized after VBS. Words could not expressed the joy I felt to see those kids saved. We then held Bible studies once a week with the kids and adults and then we started to have a Sunday worship services with God's leading.

We rented a small bungalow house where we held our services. The adults used to have Sunday School underneath the mango tree while the kids were inside having their Sunday School. Now it's the other way around. When we have a full house, some of the people stay outside because the space is so limited. The Lord saw our need of a church building and we were able to purchase a piece of land after a year from our church fund. August last year when the church building construction began. My brother was the one who drew the building plan and I asked him to estimate the building materials needed. He's an architecture graduate and he's knowledgeable with that. I bet he's been reading a lot of BuildDirect reviews that's why he's always updated about the latest in building construction materials.

The church building now is erected but it needs windows, doors and the flooring needs to be poured out. The walls need plastering too. The work has to be put on hold because of insufficient fund. We are raising money from people to help us finish our church building and so far, there were some who responded positively and hubby and I are so thankful. God is really good. We pray that the Lord will touch other people's heart to give so we can finish His house of worship soon. We want to finish the church auditorium before our VBS on April. Meanwhile, I am checking out the BuildDirect's Crunchbase page so I have an idea how much the building materials cost now.

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