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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Modern Lighting With Classic Design

While contemporary lighting often equals nouveau styles and chic designs that feature distinct contemporary styling, the aesthetics of classic lighting designs are never out of date. The richness of traditional chandeliers in a foyer or dining room always adds a spark of chic and is sure to elicit the oohs and aahs that hostesses love to hear. Whether you choose a traditionally styled chandelier or one with more modern funk in it, a chandelier is always a great option for adding pizzazz to a room or area.

Classic designs like teardrop prisms dangling from cast iron, or candle-shaped mini bulbs glistening on an old-fashioned wood chandelier are no less dynamic for their classic look. However, contemporary styling is also finding its way into the hearts and homes of Americans in the 21st century. Websites like Crescent Harbor Modern Lighting feature a host of exciting modern designs that incorporate the tradition of chandelier lighting with ultra-chic contemporary designs.

Bright vibrant colors, provocative shapes and spectacular arrangements help create an exciting ambiance that candles cannot create. With the proper d├ęcor and a striking contemporary chandelier to highlight it all, the room is filled with a welcoming warmth. A chandelier, whether it is traditionally designed or not, can easily stand out as an eye-catching showpiece that will instantly enthrall guests and visitors. When considering lighting for that special room where guests will be entertained, think elegance, and look up. Refined elegance can easily share the table with funky chic and the results can be spectacular.

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