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Friday, February 21, 2014

Flowers In My Garden

I just love flowers and I'm always fascinated every time I see them. Ever since I was a kid, I was already in love with different kinds of flowers. I started planting roses in my garden when I was in grade school and until now that I'm a grown up adult I still have the passion of planting flowers in my garden. Here are some flowers that I planted and they are in bloom now. I have some kalachuchis, zinnias, bougainvilleas and euphorbias to name a few. My orchids are not yet in bloom. I can't help myself but got my camera and took some shots. I love photography and I'm trying to learn. I used my Nikon DSLR to take these photos.


Nova said...

Like you, i love flowers too and yet, they fascinates me too, they make your day greater and smile whenever you sees one, thanks for sharing.

Juliana said...

You have green thumb Manang. Ako palging namamatayan ng halaman. The flowers are beautiful. Makaka-miss ang mga bulaklak. Matagal pa bago ako makakita ng flowering plants sa mga gardens dito.

Hope you have a great weekend :-)

betchai said...

beautiful shots, Lisa. I love flowers too, that's why I always go crazy about spring, and to think I have allergies, haha! the beauty of the flowers though are so worth it to take Claritin, haha!

regarding your question, if how I convert pictures in RAW to JPEG, I use the Canon software that comes with the camera utilities when I bought it, I am sure Nikon has it too in the utilities, which you could probably find in the CD that comes with the camera.

Keep on shooting, I did not have any formal lessons either, and did not even read any photography books, and too lazy to read the manual, haha! I learned more from doing. Like if with flowers, I would start with Av ( aperture setting in your camera), at the lowest f my lens can have. I will read the shutter speed as I review the picture, then, I would go to manual, and do the same settings, then, adjust the shutter speed and check if which one gave me the best. Anyway, that was how I learned before, and now, I think with constant practice outside, I just could go directly to manual and make my own settings. But before, I would either start from Av ( aperture priority ) or Tv ( shutter speed priority), get the settings from there, then go manual. :) Hope this helps, but anyway, you did very good shots with the flowers, love your composition. For vividness that you mentioned in my blog post, it is more of your settings which I have no doubt you could learn very well by keeping on shooting. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

These are gorgeous Ate Lisa, I can't wait till I can do some gardening again.

Jessica Cassidy said...

You have beautiful flowers in your garden Sis :-) I like the orange daisy, the color is so unique :-)

Eileen said...

Pretty flowers! You are like my mom, she has a lot of orchid varieties that she takes care of like they were her children. I have a few plants too, but I grow vegetables in pots. :)

Ria C said...

Those are lovely pictures of pretty flowers and such vivid shots too!

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