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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Month

It's February once again folks and I noticed that time is flying by so fast. It seems like it's only been yesterday when we welcomed the New Year. Now another month has gone and in due time, another year will come. We need to enjoy every moment because life is short and wasted time is part of your life you will never get back. We need to spend our time wisely, as the saying goes "Time is gold".

My time is usually spent doing house chores, church activities and blogging. Doing all these really occupies my time. House chores is so taxing to me because I'm having issues of gout in my fingers and the girl whose been helping me went back home. I need to find another helper to relieve my fingers from this gout. Hubby is not a great help. Yeah, he wash dishes and cook too but only once in a while. I do the work most of the time. It's no big deal to me if only the pain and tingling in my fingers will leave me.

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