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Monday, January 6, 2014

I Love To Travel

I haven't traveled that much yet in my life. I've been to two countries only and that's my homeland Philippines and the US. I met my husband from Texas and after we got married in the Philippines, he then petitioned me to join him in the US. While in the US, the husband took me to other states and I was so fascinated to see other places which I've only seen in photos and in the movies before. I felt like I was on top of the world when we went to see Universal Studios, Golden Gate, Lake Tahoe, Sea World, River Walk, Bricktown Canal, Cowboy Museum, etc. It really feels good to be a tourist and that's when I started to love traveling.

I discovered I love to travel. In fact I want to save money so hubby and I can travel and go to other cool and exciting places we've never been. I have a lot in my list different travel destinations that I want to see before I grow old but I would love to see Europe first. I've been searching for low cost flights around Europe and I wanna see Paris and London among others. I love traveling because I want to see God's wonderful creation and it makes me appreciate more the beauty of this world which God made for us. Traveling also broadens my horizons and helps me understand people and their cultures better. When we travel we begin to realize there is more than one way to live life and be happy.

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