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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I know it's been three days since the first day of the year but it's better late than never. I want to great all my readers and visitors here in my blog. Thank you so much for taking time to visit and read my posts for the past years. I hope you will be here with me again this year in my blog.

We just had a simple celebration on New Year's eve. I didn't really want to bother myself that much in cooking. One reason is that I don't want to indulge myself and hubby to too much foods. We're both overweight now and we really need to lessen our food intake. I asked my youngest brother to come help me cook and celebrate new year with us. Since it's new year, I decided to make ginataang bilu-bilo because of it's round shape for good luck, lol! , Little brother helped me prepare the ingredients and I was the one who cooked it. Then he cooked chicken macaroni soup and chicken adobo and I cooked the vegetable lumpia. Hubby baked carrot cake but we opted not to put any icing on it. After my brother cooked, he went to fetch his wife and daughter.

When midnight came, we all went outside and made noise to welcome the new year. I got the can full of coins and shook it as much as I can. It really made noise, lol!. My hubby honked his car and my brother the tricycle. The neighbors were lighting firecrackers and fireworks. Everybody had a blast! When we got tired, we all went in and it was time to dig in. We got full, full, full! Oh my! Thank you Lord. Be with us to guide and direct us this 2014 as we continue serving You.

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