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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lady In Red

I love wearing red on Christmas so this is what I wore during our Christmas party in the church. This dress has been hanging in the closet for a long time because since I lost weight a few years ago, it became loose on me. I was able to maintain my weight for 7 years but unfortunately, I gained weight lately. I forgot my diet and it became hard for me to control my hunger pangs. I gained 20 pounds and the result, my clothes shrunk, lol! I was able to wear again those bigger sizes like this red dress. My new years resolution is to exercise and lose weight. I wanna shed off those unwanted pounds and my love handles. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Cowhide Rugs - for Your Wooden and Stone Flooring

After years of being dissatisfied with your carpeted floors, you finally made a change. You may have purchased some new beautiful wood floors, stone floors, or a combination of the two. Although, you are ecstatic about your new flooring, you feel like something is still missing. If you can relate to this scenario, consider decorating your new floor coverings with stylish cowhide rugs.

Natural Beauty

The natural attractiveness of wood floors and stone floors is unmistakable. These types of flooring add value, style, and sophistication to any home. However, without some accents, they can look rather dull. Thankfully, with the right décor, you can add visual interest to new wood and stone floors. A stunning cowhide rug is the perfect choice for accomplishing this task. Like wood and stone floors, this type of floor covering boasts natural beauty. These completely natural rugs will instantly add warmth and texture to your living space.


Many types of rugs start wearing out almost as quickly as you lay them on your floors. Daily foot traffic produces unsightly snags, loose strings, and knots in them. Unlike other kinds of rugs, floor coverings made out of cow hide are very durable. They will hold up to the daily beating that your family and pets give them. Cleaning them is also a breeze. When every day spills and staining occurs, simply blot the rug with a wet cloth. To remove dust and dirt, you will also need to periodically take your rugs outside and shake them out.


Do you or any of your other family members suffer from agonizing allergies? If allergies are a constant uncomfortable reality in your family, you might believe that decorating your home with cow skin rugs is not an option. Fortunately, these stylish home furnishings are specifically constructed to be hypo-allergenic. Regardless of whether you are normally allergic to animal products, you should be able to enjoy these accents in your home.


You may think that rugs made out of cowhide only look appropriate in ranch homes or country estates. Actually, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you live in a suburban townhouse, a farmhouse, or a high rise condo, this type of rug will look amazing on your floors. You can also find a rug that will match your unique style preferences. Besides the traditional black and white or brown and white patterns, you can buy cowhide rugs in many different colors and designs. You can even purchase a different one for every room in your home.

If you want to turn your place into a show home, you need to consider filling it with cowhide rugs. These must have home furnishings offer natural beauty, durability, and adaptability. Cowhide rugs are even hypo-allergenic. So, everyone can enjoy the style and sophistication that this type of rug provides.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blessings From A Friend

It's Christmas season once again and I am so blessed beyond measure to receive a lot of gifts from a friend. God really uses people to bless me and hubby. This morning around past 9AM, I got my ipad and checked my FB. I usually check my FB at night because I am busy doing chores during daytime but maybe God has been leading me to open my FB early morning. I had a message in my inbox and when I opened it, I saw a message from Cora, one of my friends from Texas who is on vacation in her hometown in Angeles City. She wanted to see me in Manaoag and they're on their way already. Had I not opened my FB, I would have not read Cora's message and I would have missed the chance to see her.

I was supposed to supervise the guy I hired to paint our front gate but then I just instructed him what to do. I asked my hubby to drive me to Manaoag church but he suggested to ask my youngest brother to drive for us. We stopped by in our town plaza to buy some tupig to give to my friend. Laoac is known for its yummy tupig. In fact even my hubby love it. At around past 11AM we were on our way to our meeting place and after waiting for a few minutes at the back of the church, we met Cora and her family having their lunch at one of the sheds there. She didn't waste time, she went to their van and gave me my "pasalubong" or let's say Christmas gifts. She opened 3 bags full of different stuffs and I was so overwhelmed! She said her balikbayan boxes that she shipped here in the Philippines just arrived yesterday. She really gave me a bunch of different stuffs. Let these pictures do the talking.

She used to give me pasalubong everytime she comes here but not as much as this time. She even remembered to buy a few things for Vernice. I bet my li'l girl would be very happy to receive her pink school bag and crayons. It's like I went shopping to BX or Clark but only these were all free. I was really blown away! I told my friend that she's like Santa Clause who granted my Christmas wishes. Her hubby was just smiling. My hubby and I were so flabbergasted with Cora's generosity.

What a blessing to have a friend who share her blessings to her friends. I will always be very grateful to friends like her. I am so incredibly blessed! God is really good. Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                                       Cora and I

                                                              Cora, me and hubby

                                                          hubby, me, Cora and her hubby

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free Studio Portrait Packages

I wrote here before that Hap Chan is one of the restaurants that hubby and I frequent because of their fried squid. Hubby love it so much and he don't get tired eating it. Lately, they have their promo again that when you order Php500 or more, you get a free studio portrait package claimable this time at Tronix Imaging Center. Because we are frequent diners, I was able to get 3 photo packages. Pretty cool huh!

Last time they had this promo, I earned 3 studio portrait packages courtesy of Picture City. You can see it here. I like better the services in Picture City compared to Tronix Imaging Center. At Picture City, when you want some copies made aside from the freebie photos, they charge only 7 pesos per 4R whereas at Tronix, they charge 60 pesos. When you want to put the photos in a CD, Picture City only charge Php20 per CD and all the photos will be stored there. Tronix charge 20 pesos per photo if you want to put it in a CD so if you have 9 photos you gonna pay Php180. Tronix is a money making business. 

Anyways, here are my studio portraits from Tronix. I'm not satisfied with the way they edited our photos. I don't like the frames they used. I didn't even ask them to put frames in our photos and look at how they cropped our pics. It was badly done. 

The one who edited our pics was not good at all. See how she cropped our pics and the weird blue frame that she chose. Bad job! I was not satisfied all. I will be the one to edit it and choose the frames or scrapbook from online.

When I claimed my 3rd freebie studio portrait package, hubby did not go with us so it was only me and Vernice. I told the lady photographer not to put any digital frames in my pics and she obliged. I think the pics below look better than the previous pics with the weird looking frames. But still, it was badly cropped.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get Your Money’s Worth

Work and home life should be fun and if they aren’t, they need to be. Most people spend about a third of their lives working and another third sleeping. The equation only allows for a third of the life to be spent at home in the event a person works outside of their home. It’s wise to choose furniture that will be sat in, looked at and slept on that will be truly relaxing. In the event a person works from home, it is ever more prudent to choose furniture that will be comfortable.

Comfort is important because it allows for relaxation. Stress impedes the thought process. When problems arise, they activate the stress-producing fight or flight response. The fight or flight response is ruled by a different portion of the brain than the portion that controls executive thinking. When the brain reacts to stress, it literally cannot think. When a person is stressed, they cannot make executive decisions. The way to counteract stress is to relax.

Along with having comfortable furniture, the home’s atmosphere should be comfortable and relaxing as well. Despite the trends that have swept the nation in previous decades, not all décor is conducive to warm and cozy feelings. Some trends are cold, awkward and uninviting. It’s time to change things up in the home. Make the home more appealing through renovation. It’s important to fully enjoy the home. If there is a project that needs to be done, don’t hesitate to check out the possibilities. For some ideas on home renovation, click here. Consider what comfort and relaxation can do for health and peace of mind.

Hubby's Natal Day

Hubby's birthday was yesterday. We had no plans celebrating it until Saturday. We were having the Bible Club in the church when the kids asked him what he gonna have on his birthday and he said "nothing". He didn't want to celebrate his birthday because he didn't want me to get tired preparing and cooking. He knows that when I am tired I get grumpy, lol! He planned that we will just eat out. When we got home from church last Saturday, I suggested that we will just celebrate his birthday at home and I will ask my youngest brother, my ex-brother-in-law and my aunt and uncle to cook so we can invite the kids and adults in our church and also our neighbors. He agreed so last Sunday, it was announced in the church that they are all invited to come to our house the next day and join us in celebrating Pastor George's birthday. I can tell that the kids were happy to have a fellowship and free foods, lol!

On the day of his birthday and that was yesterday, baby brother and I went to the market in the morning to buy the things that we're going to cook. After lunch the cooking began. At around 4:30 PM, the kiddos arrived first and we were still cooking. At 6PM, neighbors came and the foods were already served on the table there in our carport. We had beef caldereta, chicken sisig, pork barbecue, pinakbet and I bought a cake for hubby. Not a whole lot but it was enough to feed all the guests. I thank all the cook for they did a very good job. The foods were all yummy. I know my hubby was so happy. We had a very good turnout. I wish my hubby a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Get Paid For Adventures Away From Home

Travel is one of the best ways for adults to experience the joys of childhood all over again. As people age, they become bogged down with mundane experiences, stressful careers, and family drama to the exclusion of fun. Sometimes venturing away from home is the best way to combat these routine stressors and bring fresh, new experiences into the life of family. Thanks to internet programs that give frequent adventurers the opportunity to earn points for traveling, people are saving more money now than ever before.

Sites like Escape and earn present a simple product: Travel and earn money for that travel. If your budget always leaves room for a few vacations per year, you earn money on each of those vacations. The earnings go toward future vacations booked with the service. It's a "like cash" scenario that benefits the entire family of adventurers.

Packages vary by program. Some programs offer a flat-rate 7-night vacation booking and focus on that. Other programs will give you a simple night away from home to explore a new place. You earn money for every aspect of the travel experience including hotel stays, car rentals, and dining purchases. It's a fun, neat way to bring excitement back into life and give you the new life experiences that always make life worth living. The best thing about this is that the more you travel, the more you save, so you're always earning money for vacations and giving yourself the possibility of earning yet another adventure.These clubs give you the option to Join for free after accepting the terms of service.

Flowers and Bonsai

So it's been a while since I played with my camera so this time I decided to take photos of the plants and flowers in my garden. I started with the hibiscus that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I love the bright yellow orange color of this flower but hubby said it's a useless flower because it only lasts for a day. This is really the downside of this flower. I just wish it will last a l'il longer.

Next is the calachuchi with beautiful pinkish flowers. I have the maroon and white calachuchi but they're not yet in bloom.

I have a pot of white, native roses which bloom most of the time. I have a pink, mini roses too but it's not in bloom this time.

Here are some pink annuals which I bought 5 years ago. They come back each time their seeds fall in the ground and they grow fast. I don't know the name so I just call it pinkie.

Last but not the least, here are some of the bonsai collection of my brother which I promised to post it here a few months ago. He's the one who trimmed and trained these plants and he started collecting it 14 years ago. He has some different bonsai plants, some are not in the picture. I don't know the names of these bonsai plants, all I know is the tamarind.

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