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Friday, December 20, 2013

Enjoy Coffee K-Cup® Style with a Keurig® K-Cup Brewer

Making great coffee at home has never been easier, especially when you make coffee K-Cup® style. Why bother with the hassle of a conventional electric drip coffee maker or the old fashioned filter style method – it’s a real pain to scoop and measure coffee (you inevitably spill coffee grounds) plus the flimsy paper filters are enough to make you run to your favorite barista. When you have an on demand brewing system it’s easy to make barista style coffee one cup at a time plus there’s no glass carafe to clean, no warming plate to scorch the coffee and no leftover coffee.

Making great coffee is both an art and a science and single serve on demand brewing systems get it right. The coffee is brewed one cup at a time so each cup is custom made and always fresh, hot and flavorful. To make a cup of coffee you select a coffee pod and insert it in the machine. Place a cup, mug or glass under the brewing port and press a button – in less than one minute you have fresh coffee that is ready to savor and enjoy. The science is in the machine – it issues the exact amount of water designed to bring out the best in the brew (the correct water to coffee ratio is essential for great results) and then the water is heated to the precise temperature which ensures the coffee will never be bitter.

Cleanup is minimal because there is no coffee pot or carafe; when the coffee is brewed you simply discard the spent coffee pod – there is no trace of coffee grounds and no need to deal with a soggy filter. On demand brewing systems offer speed and convenience but they also offer amazing variety – not only can you shift between regular and decaffeinated coffee at the press of a button, you may also brew tea, hot chocolate, cider and other beverages. Pick up a sampler pack to try a variety of flavors, roast and blends; they are also great for use while entertaining.

A Keurig® K-Cup Brewer is perhaps your best bet if you are looking to get an on demand brewing system for home use – they introduced the concept to the United States and are the clear market leader. This is important not only because you want good quality and state of the art technology but because you want access to the widest variety of coffee pods. Shopping online is a great way to research both brewers and coffee pods – check out  or a similar site to see what model might best suit your needs.


Juliana said...

I own a keurig too and it looks like the one in the pic. It's very convenient to use. I've had it for almost 3 years and I've never had issues with it. Pure enjoyment!

Lisa said...

Good for you Juliana. I wish my hubby have one like that too coz he's a coffee lover. Me, I seldom drink coffee coz if I do, I have palpitations.

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