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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dining Out

I lost count already how many times hubby and I went to dine at Hap Chan restaurant. Hubby love their fried squid and no other restaurants we've been too can beat it. They really have the best fried squid ever. So tender and yummy and we love their spicy dip. I love to try their different menus, unlike hubby who stick to his spicy fried squid, lol! I love variety in my food. This time I tried their beef with ampalaya and mushrooms. Hmm, not bad.

As usual, hubby ordered his favorite fried squid, fried rice and iced tea. It really made him smile! Of course I helped him finished his squid, lol! I must admit, it's really yummy to the tummy.

One thing I like in Hap Chan is their complimentary studio portrait package that they give to their customers. Hubby and I had claimed 3 freebie studio portrait packages already courtesy of Picture City. Some of it are already hanging in our wall. I'll post it here next time.  



Juliana said...

Ang sarap niyong kumain. Parang kami din hahaha. Si F matakaw, gusto madaming food palagi :-)

Lisa said...

Sarap kumain kaya tumaba kami pareho. Ayaw kong umorder ng marami kasi mas lalong tataba kami, lol!

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